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365 Days of Photos – Day 20

I was surprised to notice this tree yesterday while out walking. It appears to have white buds popping out all over. Its been cold (by our standards) for the past couple weeks here in Texas and this week it feels like spring. But spring is at least another month away and we will have several more cold snaps between now and then.

I’ve done a little Google search in an attempt to learn what this tree is…I’ve had no luck. I’m hoping Midwestern Plant Girl might be able to help me out with identification!

tree bud 2

tree buds

tree buds 3

A Little Research….

On Monday I posted a picture of bicycles hanging in a tree for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge Week 12. A comment from Janet at This, That and the Other Thing, sent me to Google to find out what I could about the tree and the person that decided bikes look good in trees.  So, if any of you are interested in the man that decorates trees with bikes, here is a link for you to follow! The article I’ve linked was written in 2012 and George Hilton was 94 years old at that time. I took the picture this past Friday (05/16/14) so I can only assume Mr. Hilton continues to dabble in yard art!

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Leaves and Trees / One Tree, Different Times

Sadly trees can be a bit rare in this part of Texas. This is why we tend to be known for “wide open spaces” instead of “the land of trees.” So when I see trees I like….I tend to pay attention to them!

Over the past year I have stalked the same tree. I have taken pictures of it during its different stages. I hope you all enjoy them….


June 2014


January 2014


April 2014


May 2014