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What Makes a Good Photo?

Earlier today I had a conversation with another blogger, Helen C. She was asking for opinions and advice on her firework photos. I realized I had a lot of the same questions. Our conversation also got me excited about going back and looking at the pictures I took on the 4th of July.

I really enjoy the pictures that “look” like I think a firework picture is suppose to look. But I kinda like the mistakes too.

I decided to post a few of the photos I took and ask you all what you think makes a good firework picture? Is it the colors, textures, diversity of shapes? Or is it the originality of the photo?

I think the first three pictures look pretty “typical” and the last two look anything but typical!
I really like the 4th picture….even though it barely looks like a firework was involved in it!






Circles and Curves

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is to find Circles and Curves.

As I looked around Fort Worth Texas, I realized there were many items that matched the challenge description and explained why this city is still (proudly) called Cowtown.






For more information about Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge click here

If My Dog….


They say I mess up the bed.
They say I don’t pick up after myself.
They say my hair gets on their clothes.

They also say I’m cute and they smile when I roll on the bed pillows.
They throw my toys around the house and tell me to chase them.
They hug me and snuggle me….even when they are dressed in nice clothes.

If I understood my humans….I could train them better!


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Squares, Triangles and Angles

Look closely and you will see the square “Cheez Its” being tossed to the seagulls