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NaBloPoMo – Is Church Canceled?

It has rained in North Texas for the last 5 days….non-stop rain. This is not typical and it certainly didn’t make for an enjoyable holiday weekend.

I know rain is necessary…and we did recently find our way out of a very long drought because of all the rain we had last May. So I’m accepting of the wet stuff falling from the sky…but that doesn’t mean I like it!

This morning Sonya tried to convince us that church was canceled because of the rain. However, she did agree to go with us after we promised McDonald’s breakfast.

Once we arrived at church she found a plastic grocery bag in the car and decided she would use it as rain gear (yes I had an umbrella…she chose plastic!IMG_8771


The latest in rain gear

Sonya did enjoy seeing her friends at church and as always singing along with the music. But the big surprise came when the usher said Rev. Carol West wanted Sonya to join her for the post-communion prayer.

With much excitement Sonya went up front and joined Rev. West.

Sonya was honored and took her role very seriously.


The Bread


The Wine


The Prayer


Rev. Carol West and Sonya


And finally…the hug

Rain or no rain…it was a good day to be at church.

NaBloPoMo – History Re-imagined

Last Sunday our Pastor talked about the help given to the Pilgrims by the Native Americans. How they helped the new settlers grow an abundance of crops and survive the first winters in a new land.

In my brain I began imagining what this country would have been like if the new settlers, and those that followed, had treated the Native Americans with respect. What if the people that settled this country chose to learn the ways of those that had lived here for thousands of years.

The Europeans that settled here in the United States chose to dominate instead of cooperate.

I wonder how many animals (the buffalo for example) would still roam freely? I wonder if we might have more trees instead of buildings? And maybe, we would have more respect for Mother Earth and less desire to destroy anything that doesn’t bring profit.

I know these thoughts aren’t reality but I think its ok to dream. Maybe if we look back on history and realize where we screwed up…we could make things better as we move forward…maybe.

365 Days of Photos -Day 326

Yesterday was the crazy “holiday” in the United States called Black Friday. It is a day that I believe is totally out of control. I have never participated in the craziness of shopping at 5:00AM, knocking people over just to get a few bucks off the newest and biggest toy.

However, we did stop by the Decorators Warehouse yesterday on our way to dinner. We were in search of Moose ornaments. We didn’t find what we were looking for…but we did get the opportunity to take a fun selfie.


Me, Tina, Sonya and Mr. Bear

365 Days of Photos – Day 325

When I think of celebrating Thanksgiving as a child I think of celebrating in this house.

This is the farmhouse my Dad grew up in and my grandma lived in until her death in 1990.

The exterior has changed a lot. All the trees and out buildings are gone…but I can still in vision every building and every tree that surrounded the house. The physical place may look different but my memories remain the same.


NaBloPoMo – Gratitude

Last night I wrote about finding the good in all things.

Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States. So it seems appropriate I would write a little on gratitude.

Recently I had a lot of car problems. My 2013 Jeep Wrangler lost its brakes and needed a new battery. Within a week of having those repairs taken care of I was rear-ended. My Jeep was in the shop for 32 days. After being released from the body shop, I learned the gas tank no longer held gas (I am not kidding!!) Once that repair was completed I learned my battery cables we ruined…back to the body shop for another repair. And if all that were not enough…as I drove for the battery repair, my windshield wiper flipped off the arm and is no longer functional.

What does this have to do with Thanksgiving? Nothing really…but it is a good example of remaining grateful.

There were times throughout that month and a half that I wanted to throw my hands up and “give up.” It was one frustration after another.

The thing is, each time Tina and I talked about the problems that were happening to the Jeep…we realized none of it was that big of a deal.

We had the money available to pay for the repairs. The young man that rear ended me had insurance. And if he didn’t have insurance, we did.

I had a rental car the entire time my Jeep was in the shop, I never missed a day of work and my car was finally repaired. Oh, and did I mention I was not physically hurt?

Sometimes things can seem overwhelming and out of control…but I believe if you look at the reality of any situation and sort out whether the things happening truly effect our wellbeing I think it is easy to see how insignificant some things truly are.

I have several friends battling cancer right now. One of my friends had 5 bi-passes completed on his heart last week. Two of my co-workers lost their husbands during this past year.

Are my Jeep repairs inconvenient? Yes.

Are they a big deal? No.


NaBloPoMo – Looking for the Good

I once had a priest tell me there is Grace in everything.

I actually believe that.

I believe no matter how awful life may seem…there is goodness all around.

Sometimes I think it is easy for human beings to lay down in the muck and just give up.

Maybe its comfortable to stay angry, or point the blame in someone else’s direction. Maybe it just takes less energy.

I have one client that is so angry at the world that he can see nothing but misery. It hurts me to know he actually chooses to remain in the darkness.

Not that its easy to change a lifetime of negative thinking…but it is possible. It requires a desire to look for the good instead of dwell on the negative.

I had a conversation today with a co-worker. She told me about a man that just got out of prison and with her help realized the most important thing he needed to do was to let go of the negative. He has managed to do this and his life is turning around for the better. As she told me this story she gave the credit to God. Though I believe in a God of forgiveness…I also believe God isn’t required for forgiveness.

We can forgive others, love others and let go of the negative thoughts we carry around simply by changing how we think and by refusing to accept the negative as inevitable.

I choose everyday to find the good, see the kindness in others and seek happiness

I hope each of you find a reason to smile today!