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Should I Crop Out the Trash?

I took a picture of a Great Blue Heron standing among trash in the river.
It was really upsetting to me. We as a people are so destructive to the earth that gives us life. We seem to have little concern for the other creatures that rely on the fruits of this planet for their daily survival.

As I walked across the low water crossing and looked for photo opportunities I couldn’t help but think about how easy it would be to crop the picture I took. I could erase the trash and leave nothing but the beautiful creature. Then I compared cropping out the bad of a picture to cropping out the bad of our lives.

I do not want to go through challenging times and I don’t like to feel emotional pain. But I do believe, it is impossible to appreciate the sun if we’ve never felt the rain.”

So when difficulties block our paths I think the best solution is to face the challenge head on and walk through it. Face the rain, don’t crop it out of your life. Find a solution, be the reason for sunshine to reach the faces of your friends, family and maybe even a few strangers.heron trash

Cee’s B & W Photo Challenge: Glass

This week Cee has challenged us to share black and white photos of glass. I had to look back a bit…but I was able to find two photos I would like to share.

CCC stain glass

Stain Glass – Celebration Community Church, Fort Worth TX

glass bottles

Mexico Isla Mujeres – Glass Bottles

If you enjoy black and white photography or photo challenges…I encourage you to visit Cee’s page.

“Help, I’m Stuck in a Donut”

“I’m stuck in a donut…HELP!” Charlie ran circles in the backyard, randomly kicking his back feet in the air hoping to free himself from the massive donut that threatened to strangle him. 

“You ridiculous dog!” The poodle that shared people with Charlie could hardly stand Charlie’s silliness. “The people are trying to protect you from yourself.”

Charlie yelped, “Then why would they strangle me with a donut?”

Charlie fought back tears and dramatically shared his story, “I went for a ride with Dad, we stopped at that place with all the good smells and the next thing I knew I woke up with this thing around my neck.” He whispered, “I’m sore…you know…down there.”

The Poodle howled, “They had you neutered!”

Charlie stood like a statue, “There is nothing funny about that!” 

The poodle walked away from Charlie and howled with more laughter, “And it will be weeks until you can check out the damage!”


dog in donut

word count 158

This post inspired by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and the photo prompt provided by Yinglan.


I Feel Guilty That I Have a Choice

Earlier today a small group of us went out and served the homeless. It was hot!
In case you don’t know we are in Texas. The temperature right now is reaching at least the mid to high 90’s every day.
I honestly don’t know what the high was today…I just know it was hot.

We went to a number of our normal stops and gave away a lot of drinks, snacks, toilet paper, books and a few socks. After a few hours…we had given away most of the food. Only a few snacks left. The last place to stop was in the heart of the homeless area and I just didn’t feel we had enough. I hate to start handing out stuff then run out. So we called it a day.

Our group got back in our air conditioned cars and chatted on our cell phones and decided where we would go eat lunch.
We sat in an air conditioned restaurant and ate food that was served to us and drank unlimited amounts of cold beverage.

My guilt boiled up when we packed up and drove away from the people who did not have a choice. I was hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. I wanted to take a cool shower and put on clean clothes. The people sitting along the street, trying to stay in the shade, they didn’t have a choice.

I know for many of them it was a string of bad choices that helped them end up on the street. I know I could also end up on the street. But for this moment this is where they are and where I am…and today I felt guilty for having the opportunity to walk away.

Cee’s B&W challenge: Statues, Sculptures and Carvings

This week Cee has challenged us to post black and white photos of statues, sculptures and carvings. Fortunately Cee encourages participants to dig through their past photos.

I don’t typically take photos of statues (etc.). However, as I started to search I remembered a recent trip to the Dallas Arboretum to see Lyman Whitaker’s Kinetic Art.

So here are a few of the photos I took that day of this beautiful work.

Dallas Arb art

 Artist – Lyman Whitaker

Dallas arb art 2

Artist – Lyman Whitaker

If you enjoy challenges or black and white photography then please visit Cee’s page

No Entry

“You can’t go in there!” Doris heard a little boy’s voice. 

She twisted from her perch on the ladder. “Of course I can.” 

Doris lifted her right foot to the next rung, “I’ve climbed this high, why can’t I go in?” 

She laughed and said, “Do you have some silly rule about no girls?”

The boy shook both his fists, “You are an adult.”

“I am not an adult!” Doris fired back at the little red headed boy. 

The boy looked confused, “You are old, you must be 100.”

She continued to climb.

The little boy turned in a huff and began to yell, “Mom, grandma is trying to get in my treehouse again!” 

The mother guided the boy back to the yard and reminded him that grandma doesn’t remember that she is an adult. 

She took the boy’s cheeks in both her hands, “Please be patient with grandma, she gets confused.” 

The woman stood and took the boy by the hand. “Come on, let’s get Grandma out of the tree.”

photo by Yarnspinnerr


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers shares a photo each Monday. The writer’s job is to tell a story using 100 – 175 words.