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Should I Crop Out the Trash?

I took a picture of a Great Blue Heron standing among trash in the river.
It was really upsetting to me. We as a people are so destructive to the earth that gives us life. We seem to have little concern for the other creatures that rely on the fruits of this planet for their daily survival.

As I walked across the low water crossing and looked for photo opportunities I couldn’t help but think about how easy it would be to crop the picture I took. I could erase the trash and leave nothing but the beautiful creature. Then I compared cropping out the bad of a picture to cropping out the bad of our lives.

I do not want to go through challenging times and I don’t like to feel emotional pain. But I do believe, it is impossible to appreciate the sun if we’ve never felt the rain.”

So when difficulties block our paths I think the best solution is to face the challenge head on and walk through it. Face the rain, don’t crop it out of your life. Find a solution, be the reason for sunshine to reach the faces of your friends, family and maybe even a few strangers.heron trash

Against the Odds…

The Daily Post, weekly photo challenge, is to share the unexpected.

The most recent unexpected event I could think of was our visit to Celestun, Yucatan to see real live flamingos. Not flamingos that stand around in a pond at the zoo…but real live flamingos, in the wild, in their own habitat, with their families and their friends…NOT surrounded by screaming children with nowhere to go and nowhere to fly. img_5757

Fortunately, for the flamingos, the boat we hired  was only allowed to get within a certain distance. Unfortunately for my photography we couldn’t get closer. img_5635

I could have watched these pink creatures all day. Tina and I both have a long standing love for these unique creatures. So having the opportunity to see hundreds of them at one time was a dream come true. img_5530

Signs of Fall…


Its mid November…I realize much of the United States has experienced Fall and expect winter to blow in anytime. But here in Texas we are still experiencing warm temperatures (today it was in the 80’s fahrenheit).

We never experience much of a Fall…but this summer has really dragged on. So needless to say when I noticed a couple leaves on the tree in our front yard changing I grabbed my camera.

Pure – The North Woods

I have been traveling to Northern Ontario since childhood. Much of the woods, lakes and land remain untouched by modern advances. DSC_0341

Each time I travel into the North Woods of Ontario I feel a sense of renewal…to me it is the true definition of pure.DSC_0388

The Daily Post, weekly photo challenge (Pure)…join the challenge, or visit those who have.



I am always impressed when I see a plant (even a weed) growing from concrete. It seems that one plant decided, against all odds, it would live and maybe even bring a spot of joy into someone’s day.


There are people in our world that are the same way. They choose to make people smile even if their life hasn’t always been a ray of sunshine. They decide not to allow the place they were planted to dictate how they grow.

Sometimes it is an individual that holds the door for the next person. Sometimes it is a teacher that inspires children to be more than anyone else has told them they could be. Maybe it is a person of wealth that shares their financial excess with those that have so little. Often times it is that person that views their challenges as a gift to be shared rather than a punishment to be feared.

I am grateful for people, much like this plant,  that choose to grow toward the light rather than hide in the darkness.


365 Days of Photos – Day 341

There is a small lake near Tina’s Dad’s house in west Texas. Apparently it is quite popular to Canadians…well Canadian geese.

We stopped by the lake before leaving Brownfield Friday. It is hard to describe the massive number of Canadian geese hanging out at this lake. It is not a big lake. Its a small lake in the middle of a small town.DSC_0819.JPG


I do not know much about Canadian geese but it appeared they were hanging out in cliques. Large groups would fly off while other groups watched from the shore.


A short time later, another group would fly off. DSC_0839.JPG

The few ducks hanging out at the lake appeared a bit out of place.DSC_0775.JPG