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Stay Positive…

Thank you random stranger for the reminder….

I went for a bike ride today. I took a new route and ended up going farther than I had planned. After conquering several challenging hills I decided to stop at a gas station to buy a Gatorade. As I stood outside filling my water bottle a man walked by and said, “Nice day for a ride.”
I responded, “Yes, if it weren’t for the headwinds.”
He quickly replied, “It’s February!”

I immediately realized he was right. Why in the world was I complaining about some headwinds? The reality was, I was out riding on February 20. Layering was not required, only shorts and a t-shirt. It was a perfect spring day…in February!

Thank you random stranger for the reminder to see the positive!

Phlox Update

As many of you know, I have suffered greatly over my small phlox. And agonized with envy over my friend Corey’s large phlox. But today…despite the smallness of my phlox….I have blooms!

So apparently what they say is true…..its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog….or should I say, its not the size of the phlox in the garden but the size of the blooms on the phlox!!

Phlox Bloom

365 Days of Photos – Day 77

My phlox is small.

I want my phlox to be big like my friend Corey’s phlox. I planted quite a few of these little guys 2 years ago….many of them died off. But a few survived and they come back each year 3 small patches of phlox. That’s it…3 small patches!

My friend Corey’s phlox are huge….they fill his flower beds with mounds of bright colors.

My phlox are small….I want big phlox, just like my friend Corey.

Is it wrong to covet his phlox?

My Small Phlox

My Small Phlox