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My Phlox Drama Continues

In March 2015 I blogged about my small phlox and how I covet my friend Corey’s large phlox.

Some things never change. Each spring my little patch of phlox brightens up, spreads about an 1/8 of an inch, blooms, then fades away.

While across town Corey’s phlox burst across his flower bed laying a blanket of flowers across the dirt.

The good news is…I may finally have an edge on Corey and his phlox.

Tonight I noticed my little patch of phlox was blooming!!

Its the night before Thanksgiving and my little patch of phlox is vibrant and blooming. I guess the important question is whether Corey’s phlox is also blooming…but then again, if I don’t ask then I can imagine his phlox laying dormant, unaware that there is a brave little patch of phlox across town that is outshining it tonight!!


My Brave Little Phlox

Phlox Update

As many of you know, I have suffered greatly over my small phlox. And agonized with envy over my friend Corey’s large phlox. But today…despite the smallness of my phlox….I have blooms!

So apparently what they say is true…..its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dog….or should I say, its not the size of the phlox in the garden but the size of the blooms on the phlox!!

Phlox Bloom