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The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist – The Twisted Man


The Twisted Man

I will admit I struggled with this one a bit. I kept imagining a twisted tree and for that reason I guess my eyes were closed to other ideas. This morning as I drove my dog to the vet I saw this twisted man in front of a retail store. I did a few U-turns so I could look at him a little closer and snap some pictures of him. So here it is….my submission for the weekly photo challenge – Twist.


A Weekly Series – If My Dog…

“Look!” “Out the window!” My dog would force these words between her pants of excitement, if she could speak english.

“It’s a bunny!” “Mom, it’s a bunny. I want to chase him!” “I won’t hurt the bunny.” “Com’n Mom, just open the door!” These words would erupt from her mouth as she bounced between the family room window and the back door, if my dog could speak english.

I specifically say english because that is the only language I know. And at this point in her life the only language my dog knows is “Dog Speak!” I know her barks, whimpers and snarls all mean something. I know each tail wag, sniff and lick are                                                                forms of communication. 
The dilemma is, when two different languages are spoken in the same house without a mutual communication device, confusion is bound to arise. 

If my dog could speak english, we would not have to play the guessing game. She could simply explain her preference of toys. Rather than tear to shreds every stuffed toy that enters the house. She could just say, “Mom, if you stop by the pet-toy-store today, would you please buy one of those chewy bones that are impossible to destroy?” 

If my dog could speak english, she could remind me which treat it is she prefers instead of throwing up the one that I think she likes. 

If my dog spoke english she could politely ask to ride along to the store, instead of tripping me as I pick up my keys.

It is also possible, if my dog could speak english, she would ask me to stop trying to dress her up and simply let her inner beauty shine!

On the other hand, if my dog spoke english, would I regret her being able to talk back? Especially now that she is going through the terrible 2’s?!



A Weekly Series – If My Dog…

“Wanna go for a ride?”

Wag, wag, bark, bark, jump, full circle turn, wag, wag!

And off we go to the car.

Now, this is where I question my dog’s judgement. This wonderful creature has no idea whether we are going to the corner store, the dog park, the vet or on vacation. Does she need to grab her doggie snacks? Will she need her favorite blanket? Maybe she will need her favorite rolling, bouncing round thing!

She grabs nothing!

She runs to the car, jumps into the backseat, does a quick spin and sits down. She waits patiently for me to roll down her window. Once the window is down far enough for her to put her head out, she is ready for “a ride.”

If my dog thought logically she might try to use the restroom “one more time” before getting in the car. 
If my dog thought logically she might sneak a couple quick bites of kibble and lap-up some water before hitting the road. 

But, sound judgement and logic do not appear to be part of my dog’s make-up. She is carefree, easy-going, laid-back and spontaneous!

If I were like my dog….I would jump up and down with excitement at each new adventure that crossed my path!


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Ground, Rocks, Sand, Dirt, Paths, Walks and Trails




I spent many hours playing on this path as a child. Last summer, while back in Ohio for a visit, my life-long friend and I visited the place of so many childhood memories. As fourth graders we had a teacher that enlisted us to help clean up the woods and collect signatures on a petition to stop proposed development. It is joyous to know 40 years later the path we ran up and down, the trees we climbed and the plants we once studied are still flourishing for other children to explore and experience.


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A Little Research….

On Monday I posted a picture of bicycles hanging in a tree for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge Week 12. A comment from Janet at This, That and the Other Thing, sent me to Google to find out what I could about the tree and the person that decided bikes look good in trees.  So, if any of you are interested in the man that decorates trees with bikes, here is a link for you to follow! The article I’ve linked was written in 2012 and George Hilton was 94 years old at that time. I took the picture this past Friday (05/16/14) so I can only assume Mr. Hilton continues to dabble in yard art!

Everybody is Somebody’s Rockstar!

OK….this may sound a little Pollyanna (ish) but I believe it is true….Everybody is Somebody’s Rockstar!

First of all, everyone has a mom. Now, that mom maybe the most critical person in the world when she is face to face with her child, but let one other mother claim her child is better and the mother of a rockstar comes out to defend her absolutely flawless child!

Little children tend to think older kids are Rockstars. I remember a girl that came into my 4th grade class to read us books. I thought she was the coolest and prettiest rockstar I had ever seen. As I got a little older I realized she was probably a high school kid that had no idea the little kids she read to thought she was a mature adult. 

Do you own a dog? Oh yeah, a dog that stares out the window all day waiting for you to arrive home. Not only do you feed the dog, pet the dog, play with the dog and pick up the dog’s poop, you let the dog have most of the bed….oh yes, your dog thinks you are a rockstar!! Who else in your life stares at you endlessly? Who else licks your hand when you have done nothing more than change the television station? Who wags their tail and rolls over on their back for a belly rub as soon as you enter the house? Yep…the dog thinks you are a rockstar!

If you have a cat…I would suggest you look outside your home for your admirers….because that cat thinks s/he is the rockstar!!

Children tend to think their parents are rockstars….at least until they are teenagers then they think their parents are playing in an “Oldies” rock group!

I have admired a lot of people in my lifetime. Usually they are not famous, rich or overly talented. Typically the people I have admired are the people that speak up for those that cannot speak. Sometimes the people I have admired are the people that have fought the tough fight against cancer….some have won and some have not, but I admire the courage of them all.
Those that help children, whether it be as a teacher, coach, law enforcement officer, social worker, or as a mentor….are always worthy of admiration. People that work tirelessly to help injured or abandon dogs are truly rockstars in my book….

The next time you see someone doing the right thing or fighting the good fight, step up and tell them you think they are awesome. If you really want to freak them out….Tell them they are a rockstar!!