A Weekly Series – If My Dog…

“Look!” “Out the window!” My dog would force these words between her pants of excitement, if she could speak english.

“It’s a bunny!” “Mom, it’s a bunny. I want to chase him!” “I won’t hurt the bunny.” “Com’n Mom, just open the door!” These words would erupt from her mouth as she bounced between the family room window and the back door, if my dog could speak english.

I specifically say english because that is the only language I know. And at this point in her life the only language my dog knows is “Dog Speak!” I know her barks, whimpers and snarls all mean something. I know each tail wag, sniff and lick are                                                                forms of communication. 
The dilemma is, when two different languages are spoken in the same house without a mutual communication device, confusion is bound to arise. 

If my dog could speak english, we would not have to play the guessing game. She could simply explain her preference of toys. Rather than tear to shreds every stuffed toy that enters the house. She could just say, “Mom, if you stop by the pet-toy-store today, would you please buy one of those chewy bones that are impossible to destroy?” 

If my dog could speak english, she could remind me which treat it is she prefers instead of throwing up the one that I think she likes. 

If my dog spoke english she could politely ask to ride along to the store, instead of tripping me as I pick up my keys.

It is also possible, if my dog could speak english, she would ask me to stop trying to dress her up and simply let her inner beauty shine!

On the other hand, if my dog spoke english, would I regret her being able to talk back? Especially now that she is going through the terrible 2’s?!



6 thoughts on “A Weekly Series – If My Dog…

  1. Jackie Mosely

    Only you would think this way…must be why i love you.
    Remember 2 year olds dont communicate very well. Shes still learning your English. Give her awhile longer.

  2. Mabel Kwong

    What a lovely post about your dog, Tree. If your dog could talk, maybe she will have more demands…she’ll be more specific about food, drink, toys and you’ll have to go get that for her or else she might get upset! But then again, maybe then the both of you could understand each other’s feelings better 🙂


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