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“Help, I’m Stuck in a Donut”

“I’m stuck in a donut…HELP!” Charlie ran circles in the backyard, randomly kicking his back feet in the air hoping to free himself from the massive donut that threatened to strangle him. 

“You ridiculous dog!” The poodle that shared people with Charlie could hardly stand Charlie’s silliness. “The people are trying to protect you from yourself.”

Charlie yelped, “Then why would they strangle me with a donut?”

Charlie fought back tears and dramatically shared his story, “I went for a ride with Dad, we stopped at that place with all the good smells and the next thing I knew I woke up with this thing around my neck.” He whispered, “I’m sore…you know…down there.”

The Poodle howled, “They had you neutered!”

Charlie stood like a statue, “There is nothing funny about that!” 

The poodle walked away from Charlie and howled with more laughter, “And it will be weeks until you can check out the damage!”


dog in donut

word count 158

This post inspired by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and the photo prompt provided by Yinglan.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hands

I’m not sure I can explain what happened.


Cassidy and Stan

My little monkeys, Stan and Cassidy, frequently travel with us. Tina and the girls tease me by hiding my monkeys or putting them in unusual places. Earlier today I got in the car, after pumping gas, and found Cassidy hanging by her feet from the sunroof!

So it did not surprise me when Sonya tossed Stan and Cassidy out the sunroof (fortunately we were parked!)

I jumped out of the car to rescue both of my monkey friends (and take a picture for evidence!) When a hand reached from the other side of the car…I laughed and said, “This will be perfect for Cee’s challenge!


The Hand



“What are we going to do about the “itches?”
Those are the words I thought my client said.

My mind immediately started racing…..”Oh no, they had bed bugs last summer, they must be back, I’m sitting on the couch, crap!”

Apparently my client saw the confusion in my face and when my brain refocused on her she was spelling “I-N-C-H-E-S, what are we going to do about your inches?” She stared at me and continued, “The are getting bigger.”

My immediate response, “Are you calling me fat?”
Just as quickly my client responded, “No! I’m saying you aren’t thin!”

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?!

NaBloPoMo -Another Sign of Aging?

Saturday morning I drove to the local gym. I sat there in the parking lot for several minutes. I felt like I forgot something.

Water bottle, Check.

Earbuds, check.

Phone, AKA something to listen to while working out, check.

Maybe I need to check my clothing….

T-shirt, check.

Shorts, check.



Crap…flip flops.

I drove back home, got my shoes and returned for my workout.


Say it isn’t so….

Its getting harder and harder to keep up!!
Not too long ago I heard a “news” story about the use of “haha” “hehe” and LOL.
I was shocked to learn that LOL is passe!! Really?
Has LOL gone to the historic dumpster of words….the place where “far out” and “gag me with a spoon” went?
LOL was one of my “cool” computer lingo words.
When I first moved to Texas I learned that Texans didn’t play Euchre (if you don’t know its a card game) so I went online to find like-minded people to play cards with. (this was pre-Facebook)
During those card games I learned lots of abbreviations (gg, ty, nh,etc.) And my favorite abbreviation was BRB….I will honestly tell you for the longest time I thought the person burped!! Finally I realized they would “be right back”
Well obviously LOL was also among the abbreviations I learned along with ROTFLMAO.
I will admit my education in the world of social media communication began to lag around that time period. I realized it was important to find my strong points and hang onto them so I could appear some what competent!
Maybe that’s why the loss of LOL is so hurtful. Its one of the few cool things I know these days…and soon it will be lost to the modern world.
Not long from now a list will come out that says….children born in 2015 never used the term “LOL”

Z = Zippity Skippity

Zippity Skippity….Yes I actually say these two words as a way to express my excitement. Allow me to use it in a sentence…

“Zippity Skippity I am finished with the A – Z Challenge!”

I have truly enjoyed this challenge and even though it was more time consuming than I expected I will likely do it again next year.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by my blog during this past month. And a special thanks to everyone that took time to comment. I am excited to say that I’ve met several new bloggers (possibly even friends) through this challenge.

This is a photo of me sharing my “Zippity Skippity” jump!

Yep...that's a jump!

Yep…that’s a jump!

The A – Z Challenge will run through April. Each day is a different letter and a different photo…I hope you all enjoy!

R = Respect

Respect your elders…..

3 years ago one of my younger cousins got married. As we were taking the family pictures I decided it was important the “young folk” show some respect for their elder (me). In order to do this I       requested (I actually insisted) they lift me and hold me in such a way that all people would know I was the queen of the clan!

Adam, Allison, Aaron (the groom) and Adrian

Adam, Allison, Aaron (the groom) and Adrian

As you can tell….these youngsters follow directions well.

The A – Z Challenge will run through April. Each day is a different letter and a different photo…I hope you all enjoy!