Say it isn’t so….

Its getting harder and harder to keep up!!
Not too long ago I heard a “news” story about the use of “haha” “hehe” and LOL.
I was shocked to learn that LOL is passe!! Really?
Has LOL gone to the historic dumpster of words….the place where “far out” and “gag me with a spoon” went?
LOL was one of my “cool” computer lingo words.
When I first moved to Texas I learned that Texans didn’t play Euchre (if you don’t know its a card game) so I went online to find like-minded people to play cards with. (this was pre-Facebook)
During those card games I learned lots of abbreviations (gg, ty, nh,etc.) And my favorite abbreviation was BRB….I will honestly tell you for the longest time I thought the person burped!! Finally I realized they would “be right back”
Well obviously LOL was also among the abbreviations I learned along with ROTFLMAO.
I will admit my education in the world of social media communication began to lag around that time period. I realized it was important to find my strong points and hang onto them so I could appear some what competent!
Maybe that’s why the loss of LOL is so hurtful. Its one of the few cool things I know these days…and soon it will be lost to the modern world.
Not long from now a list will come out that says….children born in 2015 never used the term “LOL”

10 thoughts on “Say it isn’t so….

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    What? LOL was the charter trip into lingo land! This started it all. And now it’s passรจ?! I’m like totally bummed. . That is just uncool duuude. Not groovy at all man. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Yes, I also though BRB was indigestion!

  2. Sue

    My mom thinks LOL stands for Lots of Love no matter how many times I tell her it means Laugh Out Loud. And I’m with Joanne in this one. The Internet Police are not the boss of me! LOLOLOLOL!


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