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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 17 – Toilet



Odd Ball Photos are those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category. We’ve all taken them and like them, because we just can’t hit delete and get rid of them. If you want to learn more about Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge click here.

A Weekly Series – If My Dog….

If my dog had thumbs, continued……

“Oh the doorbell!” My dog jumps out of a sound sleep, “Someone is here!” She spins in a complete circle, unable to contain her excitement.
As she slides across the tile floor she tries to grip the floor with her paws. Unsuccessful, she crashes into the front door. She stands, shakes off the door crash and stares at the front door.

My dog knows there is a rule about this door and the sound of the doorbell. But what is it? The door bell rings again. She can’t stand the idea of a potential friend standing on the other side of this wood barrier. “What if it is someone that wants to scratch my ears?”

She paces around the entry hall, “What is that rule?” As she ponders, the door bell rings again. “That’s it!” She lunges toward the door. “I was given these thumbs for a reason, I better use them!”

She opens the door and stares at the man standing in front of her. He has a badge hanging from his shirt, a clip board in one hand and a pen in the other hand. 

“Hi, my name is Steve, I’m selling magazines.” They stare at each other.

“Do you want to scratch my ears?” My dog pants with excitement.

“We have this magazine about cats.” Steve holds the cat magazine at eye level for my dog to view.

“That’s a funny looking dog.” She sniffed the picture then looked back up at Steve. “Do you want to scratch my ears?”

They stare at each other. Steve finally breaks the silence, “I’ll just leave that magazine with you.”

My dog stares at the picture of the cat, “That is a funny looking dog.” She closes the door, using her thumbs and sighs, “he didn’t scratch my ears.”



Memories of Dad



My dad loved to fish. Every summer he drove to northern Ontario for at least a week, sometimes two weeks, so he could fish. He woke each morning and headed out in the boat, he returned for lunch, then went back out on the lake to fish, one more trip back to the cabin for dinner, then back out for a few more hours of fishing. To my dad this was a dream vacation.

As a child many of my “Dad” memories are from fishing trips he and I would take. Whether it was hiking through the woods to find the perfect spot on the river, or sitting in the middle of a lake during a down-pour or the time I accidentally dropped my fishing rod into the lake and dad laughed so hard I thought he would fall out of the boat….all of the memories are fond.

Recently I was walking at a local park. I saw this bobber hanging from a tree and immediately I thought of my dad. One of our “inside jokes” as a family was about my dad losing his fishing lures in the trees. My dad had a short temper and became easily frustrated. But this was one of the things that even he laughed at. “He caught another tree.” His favorite lure had the silver spinner and purple “hair” and I suspect many trees in Northern Ontario remain decorated with this lure.

My dad died many years ago….if heaven is what we love best….I imagine my dad sitting in a boat, on a clear blue lake, surrounded by tall green trees that shimmer with fishing lures! This would be the perfect place for my dad to spend his eternity!
Happy Father’s Day Dad!

A Weekly Series – If My Dog…..

If my dog had thumbs….

Oh the things she could do…..

She could open the door to let herself out. 
But, she could also open the door for random sales people, door to door preachers and the guy that just wanted to see if the house was available to be burglarized. Why would she do that? She already thinks every person that walks in the front door is there to see her. Imagine what she would think if she was home alone and someone rang the door bell.

“Hey, the doorbell is ringing!” The dog would say, as she jumped off the couch. “I wasn’t expecting anyone….but I’m sure its someone that wants to scratch my ears!”

Off to the door she would gallop, tail wagging, barks of welcome ringing from her mouth. 

Though the door to door preacher expected to share “the word” with a human, my dog would use her apposable thumbs, open the door and let the nice man in. The evangelist would be confused and my dog would soon realize she had no idea what this man was talking about. She would be confused about his insistance of saying dog backwards. I’m also sure my dog would not understand why the man wasn’t scratching her ears.

Return to this blog next week to find out what happens when the random salesperson tries to sell my dog a fancy cat magazine….



Cees Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 15 – Minion

This little guy appears to be the greeter at a little independent store along a county road in Texas….


The Odd Ball Photo Challenge allows us a place to post those fun, but odd, photos which really don’t fit any other category. To learn more about this “odd” challenge, click here

Mother Nature vs Concrete

Sometimes I wonder what beautiful parts of nature we have covered with concrete.

When I see things like this flower growing out of a concrete wall I feel like giving Mother Nature a big hug! Its like she re-created life where it had been destroyed.

Imagine a little seed finding enough soil and water to sprout from the unyielding, lifeless cement. It is a strong little flower, and a reminder of what we destroy each time we “advance” our infrastructure.


A Weekly Series – If My Dog…

Scooping poop has to be one of the ickiest jobs of pet ownership. The other day, as I walked around the yard raking poop into a shovel, my dog romped around. She grabbed a ball and ran across the yard, each step full of joyful play. She didn’t seem to notice I was in the process of cleaning up after her. 
I like to think that I am the pack leader and there is a disparity in our roles. But my dog doesn’t seem to notice the discrepancy in my position as pack leader and the fact that I am scooping poop as though I were her minion.

If my dog had a sense of humor she would probably run through the yard carrying the poop scooping tools….barking,“come, follow me!”