A Weekly Series – If My Dog…..

If my dog had thumbs….

Oh the things she could do…..

She could open the door to let herself out. 
But, she could also open the door for random sales people, door to door preachers and the guy that just wanted to see if the house was available to be burglarized. Why would she do that? She already thinks every person that walks in the front door is there to see her. Imagine what she would think if she was home alone and someone rang the door bell.

“Hey, the doorbell is ringing!” The dog would say, as she jumped off the couch. “I wasn’t expecting anyone….but I’m sure its someone that wants to scratch my ears!”

Off to the door she would gallop, tail wagging, barks of welcome ringing from her mouth. 

Though the door to door preacher expected to share “the word” with a human, my dog would use her apposable thumbs, open the door and let the nice man in. The evangelist would be confused and my dog would soon realize she had no idea what this man was talking about. She would be confused about his insistance of saying dog backwards. I’m also sure my dog would not understand why the man wasn’t scratching her ears.

Return to this blog next week to find out what happens when the random salesperson tries to sell my dog a fancy cat magazine….



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