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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – Smiling Orange

Sometimes “odd ball” photos just walk up and announce themselves. This was one of those times! I was walking around our local recreation center the day after Christmas and found this little guy laying in the grass.

Did a kid get this in his stocking and decide to create a self portrait?


Did this little orange escape from the grocery store only to find himself stuck in a yard edge?

Smiling Orange

Its hard to know his story….but no matter…he is cute (and a bit odd!)

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The Evil Garden Gnome

“They say if you enter the door at the top of the grassy stairs you will be captured and tortured by evil garden gnomes.”
“Who says?” Johnny couldn’t believe his friend believed such a ridiculous tale.
Johnny ran up the stairs, “I’ll show you, that is just a myth.”
“No Johnny, come back.”
The large wood door opened before Johnny could announce his presence.
A small man with a white beard and pointed red hat stood just beyond the threshold.
Johnny turned to run, but quickly learned his t-shirt had been snagged by a garden hoe.
“Welcome young man.”
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright -Björn Rudberg
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright -Björn Rudberg
Friday Fictioneers – The photo is the prompt, write an entire story using 100 words or less is the challenge.

The Spider and The Runner

The stickiness gripped his face. He pawed at it frantically, attempting to release himself from its entrapment.
“Damn, how did I not see that web?”
He picked the last strands from his face and restarted his run.
The clip of his pace returned to normal.
He exited the woods and followed the path across the field.
He had forgotten all about the hiccup in his morning run when suddenly he felt a sharp sting on his neck.
“Ouch!” He reached to swat his attacker.
As the spider shot to the ground she sighed, “Another unwanted relocation.”
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy
Friday Fictioneers – The photo is the prompt, write an entire story using 100 words or less is the challenge.

The Deadly Storm – Friday Fictioneers

The young mother sat in the darkness grasping her baby. She trembled with fear, she prayed and cried.
The mobile home pitched with the winds.
She watched helplessly as her belongings crashed around her.
Hours of continuous rain turned the driveway into a rushing river.
Hail pummeled the aluminum siding.
The tin roof on the back porch ripped from its 2×4 studs. It slapped against the windows, and sprayed shards of glass throughout the room.
The terror of her screams were muted by the claps of lightening.
The following morning, her body lay amongst the garbage downstream. The baby nearby.
 100word challenge
Friday Fictioneers…The photo is the prompt, write an entire story using 100 words or less is the challenge!

Gone But Not Forgotten – DP Photo Challenge

Chelsea came into my life when her original person had to move into a nursing home. She was 8 years old at that time. Who would’ve thought I would get to spend more than half her life with her.


She celebrated a total of 18 birthdays. This picture was taken at her 15th birthday. Also known as her Quinceanera. She raised over 2 hundred dollars at this birthday party for a local rescue group.

chelsea working

She “worked” with my clients. As a social worker she frequently met people who had turned hard to the world…yet she had a way of turning their hearts soft again…if only for a minute!

Chelsea and Maggye

She travelled the country. Bringing smiles to all she met. Whether she was on a leash, in my backpack or sitting at a table, she was always well mannered and precious!

Chelsea and me

This was our last day together. I had to finally release this precious angel to the Rainbow Bridge. It was one of the hardest days of my life. Chelsea is gone but she will never be forgotten.

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