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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bikes and Motorcycles

I was so excited to see this week’s challenge. It gave me the perfect excuse to do a photo shoot with my new road bike.

Sadly the weather isn’t cooperating for the bike and I to hit the road….so instead I propped it up in the snow and took pictures. Then immediately dried it off and put it safely back into the garage to wait until the warm temperatures return.

My Bike


Bike 3

Bike Seat

To see more photos of bikes and/or motorcycles visit Cee’s photo challenge.

365 Days of Photos – Day 56

Yes, I was out stalking ducks again today. I didn’t plan to hang out with the ducks….but they were so rambunctious I couldn’t help but stop and watch them.

However, it wasn’t the ducks that kept my attention today. Instead it was a group of gulls that flew around the pond. Occasionally a gull would land in the water and try to “blend in” with the ducks. At least that’s the way I interpreted their behavior!


365 Days of Photos – Day 55

I love this piece of art….I’m really not sure what else to call it. The chair, boots and butterfly net were installed a few years ago when this medical center, associated with our local children’s hospital, was built.

While training for the 3 Day Breast Cancer walk we end up passing this chair at least once…and yes you guessed it…we stop for pictures!

Today I stopped to snap a quick shot of the chair…too cold for anyone to sit for a pose.

extra big chair

365 Days of Photos – Day 54

Once, rarely twice, a year we get hit with an ice storm. It is that time here in North Texas. As a former Northern I know people up north see an inch of white stuff on the ground and laugh that we shut down the city. I must tell you, as a person that drove many years in crazy winter weather…I now laugh because I get the day off!

I only left the house to play with my dog in the back yard…and take pictures…I did not leave the yard 🙂

On “Day 28” I posted photos of our rosemary bushes. Today I thought I’d share our “iced rosemary!”

Iced rosemary

iced rosemary 2

5 Day Black & White Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 of the 5 day Black & White Challenge.

It has been an enjoyable challenge. I’d like to thank Helen from HHC for inviting me to participate. If you have not visited Helen’s blog…do yourself a favor and scoot on over to her page. You will not be sorry…her photography is wonderful and her heart is huge!

There were only two rules to follow when agreeing to participate in this challenge. The first was to post 5 different B&W photos in 5 days. The other was to invite a different photographer each day. I ran into a few road blocks but was able to invite 2 different bloggers Aletta from Nowathome and Amy at The World is a Book. And tonight I invite a third, Taylor from The Darkroom Nerd. I have recently “met” Taylor here in the blogging world. Her photography is very exciting. I like her diversity of subjects and her willingness to tell a little about what was happening when she took the photos. I encourage you all to visit Taylor’s blog as well as Aletta’s and Amy’s….you will not be disappointed!

Here is my final photo for this challenge. My precious lab-mix. Today she divided time between playing in the snow and snuggling with her moms….this is her snuggle time!

Puppy Smile

Puppy Smile