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Say it isn’t so….

Its getting harder and harder to keep up!!
Not too long ago I heard a “news” story about the use of “haha” “hehe” and LOL.
I was shocked to learn that LOL is passe!! Really?
Has LOL gone to the historic dumpster of words….the place where “far out” and “gag me with a spoon” went?
LOL was one of my “cool” computer lingo words.
When I first moved to Texas I learned that Texans didn’t play Euchre (if you don’t know its a card game) so I went online to find like-minded people to play cards with. (this was pre-Facebook)
During those card games I learned lots of abbreviations (gg, ty, nh,etc.) And my favorite abbreviation was BRB….I will honestly tell you for the longest time I thought the person burped!! Finally I realized they would “be right back”
Well obviously LOL was also among the abbreviations I learned along with ROTFLMAO.
I will admit my education in the world of social media communication began to lag around that time period. I realized it was important to find my strong points and hang onto them so I could appear some what competent!
Maybe that’s why the loss of LOL is so hurtful. Its one of the few cool things I know these days…and soon it will be lost to the modern world.
Not long from now a list will come out that says….children born in 2015 never used the term “LOL”

365 Days of Photos – Day 235

As many of you know Tina and I married last week….what you may not know is that we live in Texas, married in Northern Ontario and took a few detours before returning home….yes we drove.

12 States, 1 Province, 2 countries, 4893.5 miles, 4 traveling companions, 2 dogs and one wedding…in 14 days!!

As you can imagine I will be sharing some photos of the trip over the next several weeks!! Blogging is the way you can make people look at your vacation pictures and call it art!!