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100 Followers – A Goal Reached

Conversations Around the Tree started on January 3, 2014. Last night, as I slept, the number of people following my blog reached 100.

Its been a gradual climb. I’m still trying to figure out which direction I really want to take this blog. But it has also taken on a bit of its own personality….it has veered off in directions I never expected (especially the photography).

I look forward to learning from each of you and I look forward to sharing my work and admiring your work. I thank each of you for taking the time to look over my blog and choosing to click that link that will allow my work to show up in your reader!

Happy Blogging!

Tree Rabold

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

“What’s the big deal? I’ve been walking all my life?”  This quote was shared during one of our recent training walks. We all laughed. Because all of us thought the same way before we actually trained for a 3 Day.

The endurance required to walk 60 miles in 3 days is different than the endurance needed to run. Its not easier and its not harder….its just different. The number of hours required to remain on your feet and propel your body forward are many!!

The two pictures I am posting were taken last year. One at mile 59 and the second at mile 60!

mile 59

mile 60

Our team will conquer the 60 miles once again in November. We do this not only because we are a bit crazy…but also to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

To see more photos on endurance follow this link

The Magical Loon

This short story inspired by DP Weekly Writing Challenge: That’s Absurd

The water lapped gently against the boat. It was hypnotic.
Simultaneously the fishing pole slipped from his hands and he heard the wail of a loon off in the distance.
“Come swim with me!”
Before Stanley could gather his thoughts and realize the playful invite came from  the loon, he was swimming effortlessly beneath the water.
“Keep up!” The loon called over his shoulder “We have fish to catch!”
“But…” Stanley stumbled over his words. “How?”
“No time to talk.” The loon circled Stanley. The confused child tried to turn with each revolution the loon made. “If you want fish for dinner you must focus and swim!”

Stanley released his apprehension and swam. He glided through the water with ease, faster and smoother than he knew possible. He and the loon circled each other as they propelled forward.

“No!” Stanley tried to raise his hands to stop the loon that swam directly at him, the loon’s beak was open to its fullest, Stanley had become the fish. Stanley had become dinner!

The young boy felt himself gently rock back and forth. “Stan, come on, you need to wake up, if you want fish for dinner we need to get out on the lake.”
Stanley opened his eyes. “Dad?”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity – Sonya

I looked up the word humanity using several resources. The words that stood out to me were: compassion, love, kindness, and caring.

This is my friend Sonya. As I thought about the meaning of humanity I couldn’t help but think Sonya is a person that possesses these qualities. She has a loving and kind spirit. Her heart is full of compassion and she cares so deeply for others that she will cry along with her friends when they are sad.

I am so fortunate to have Sonya as a friend and the world is fortunate to have a person that exhibits so many qualities of humanity.

IMG_2931 DSC_0320 IMG_0869 IMG_0234 DSC_0423 Sonya

If are interested in other’s thoughts on humanity follow this link