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Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity – Sonya

I looked up the word humanity using several resources. The words that stood out to me were: compassion, love, kindness, and caring.

This is my friend Sonya. As I thought about the meaning of humanity I couldn’t help but think Sonya is a person that possesses these qualities. She has a loving and kind spirit. Her heart is full of compassion and she cares so deeply for others that she will cry along with her friends when they are sad.

I am so fortunate to have Sonya as a friend and the world is fortunate to have a person that exhibits so many qualities of humanity.

IMG_2931 DSC_0320 IMG_0869 IMG_0234 DSC_0423 Sonya

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

This peaceful kayak ride only turned into an adventure when I paddled to the middle of the lake and the schnauzer decided to jump in the water.

She did not have a life jacket and she did not have any real swimming skills. I jumped in after her, then swan to the closest shore with her on my shoulder and the kayak in tow…quite the adventure! 

Kayak Hershey

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Friday Writing Essential: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I expressed my frustration in the post, Wrestling Myself Back to Writing that I had not been keeping up with my writing goals. Fellow blogger, Helen C, told me about the Friday Writing Essential challenge. 

So here is my attempt at this new writing challenge. 

The challenge is to look at the picture and tell a story….

maple-tree/writing essential challenge

Fall Away

Another season blows through my leaves. 
Another day passes, another leaf falls away.

The bitterness of winter is coming, my branches will stand bare. 
My heart is stilled as I stand dormant.

The winter will seem endless, but life will return again.
Buds will begin to shoot forth. 
Leaves will stretch toward the sun, seeking its nourishment, soaking its warmth.

But for now I am a fleeting burst of orange and red.
A final flame of glory, before the leaves fall away.

Tree Rabold