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Weekly Writing Challenge: Great Expectations / Age

When I turned 10 years old, my grandparents were 60 years old.
When I graduated from High School my parents were 42 years old.
At 60, my grandparents seemed very old. Although they were active, my child’s brain imagined they were ancient.
At 42, my parents were certainly old. How could they not be old? They “came of age” in the 1950’s. The songs playing on the “oldies” radio stations were from that era.

As I became an adult, the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s still seemed beyond the age I could ever consider young.

Last week I turned 51. My brain still has not adjusted. I’m still trying to figure out what “old” is suppose to feel like. I do have aches and pains, but I also workout regularly, walk great distances and yesterday I climbed a tree.
My expectation of 51 was not this. I am honestly not sure what my expectation of being in my 50’s was. Maybe by now I was suppose to be planning for retirement. Maybe my evenings were suppose to be spent watching television and getting to bed by 9:00PM. Maybe I expected to spend my evenings reading a good book or watching the grandkids. 
Instead of settling in for the beginning of the end, it seems I am starting a great adventure. I no longer have the expectation of being old. My expectation is that I will remain young, as long as I choose to remain young!

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top / The Little Tree



This tree can be found on top of a hill, overlooking Fort Worth Texas. 
The tree was originally decorated for Christmas by a local homeless woman named Carla Christian. She wanted the homeless of Fort Worth to have a Christmas tree. 
Carla died several years ago…..but someone continues to decorate the tree. Whoever has taken over the responsibility of decorating this little tree on the hill does so for many holidays throughout the year, not just Christmas. As you can tell by the photo it was recently decorated for Easter.

Blogging 101, Day Six: Write to Your Dream Reader

Dear Dream Reader….
You are my follower, my friend, maybe even my fan.
You are the person that I hope to impress.
You are the person that I hope to inspire.

You don’t have a name or a face. Like a chameleon you change to fit my mood and sometimes my ideas. You drop by and read my latest thought and take time from your busy day to offer me encouragement, a funny word and maybe a bit of direction. 

I hope you read my words and find yourself impressed by my wit or amazed by my keen insight.
I hope you read my words and feel inspired to conquer your dreams or maybe even allow yourself to dream for the first time.

What I really want is your approval, your ideas and your support.

Dear Dream Reader…..I’m really not sure who you are but I do know as my page develops and my thoughts flow more freely onto the page, you will be there. You will be my follow, my friend and maybe even my fan!


Post inspired by The Daily Post, Blogging 101, Day Six Assignment: Write a post for your Dream Reader.

Introduction – Why I’ve Joined Blogging 101

I started playing around with my blog this past January. At the time I had been writing a daily Facebook post on gratitude and had a desire to start a blog but kept putting it off. 
When WordPress offer Blogging 101 in January I decided that was my opportunity to start and do so with guidance.
Well, I did start and I did follow the daily prompts from WordPress (for about 2 weeks). I was still hesitant. I was still afraid of failure, and not feeling as though I had a good enough “theme” to actually write a blog. 
I kept tinkering. I started making a little headway by following the weekly photo challenges and weekly writing challenges. 
When the opportunity resurfaced to complete Zero to Hero blogging 101 I decided it was time to jump in with both feet! 
So here I am, ready to learn from the experts and ready to become a blogger!

Time for Poetry / The Daily Post/ Today

Apparently April is National Poetry Writing Month….I had no idea! I have not written poetry since high school. But I decided recently that I would stop being fearful of exposing my writing to possible criticism, rejection or even approval. So I accepted this challenge from The Daily Post to write a poem….But how do I start?

One of the suggestions was to pick up a book (any book), turn to page 72 and use the first word on the page as the title of the poem….so I did!


Today, freshly made, a new beginning.

Today, gratefully received.

Today, spend it wisely, or laze it away?

Today, focused or sporatic?

Today, a gift no matter how it was spent.

Today, fade to dark.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument/ West, TX

The weekly photo challenge is to find a monument, big or small. I have heard it said….”big things come in small packages.” I decided to find a monument with big meaning…even if it was small in stature. 

On April 17, 2013 the West Fertilizer Company exploded. The explosion killed 15 people (12 of those 15 were first responders), injured (at least) 160 people and destroyed 150 buildings including the West Middle School. 

Yesterday, my family and I drove to West, Texas (pop. 2800) to see if they had erected a monument. It also occurred to me the remnants of a spontaneous make-shift monument may still be standing. 
Though I live only an hour from this town, I have never driven beyond the little store, just off the freeway, that sells fresh baked kolaches.

In search for monuments, we drove to the middle of town and took a left. It became obvious right away that we were on the right road. On either side of the road we noticed large empty fields. There are a lot of large fields in Texas but this was different. The fields had no grass, no mesquite trees, no grazing cattle, no life….just dirt and a few mangled fences. 

Then I saw one, a monument. I pulled to the side of the road, jumped out of the car and stared in awe at the simplistic beauty this little monument shared. A wooden stick, with two wooden stars. Each star was painted with a personal note of encouragement and optimism. 
I got back in the car to continue my search. Almost immediately I spotted another star, then another and another. 
The town of West is rebuilding. As we drove through the neighborhood surrounding the explosion area we saw new houses being built and signs of life popping up all around. I have no doubt, with the encouragement of small yet meaningful monuments, that stand proudly along the road, this small Texas town will rebuild and flourish!



Love, Hope is here in West



West Strong



I love West






Turn scars into stars