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Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity – Sonya

I looked up the word humanity using several resources. The words that stood out to me were: compassion, love, kindness, and caring.

This is my friend Sonya. As I thought about the meaning of humanity I couldn’t help but think Sonya is a person that possesses these qualities. She has a loving and kind spirit. Her heart is full of compassion and she cares so deeply for others that she will cry along with her friends when they are sad.

I am so fortunate to have Sonya as a friend and the world is fortunate to have a person that exhibits so many qualities of humanity.

IMG_2931 DSC_0320 IMG_0869 IMG_0234 DSC_0423 Sonya

If are interested in other’s thoughts on humanity follow this link

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top / The Little Tree



This tree can be found on top of a hill, overlooking Fort Worth Texas. 
The tree was originally decorated for Christmas by a local homeless woman named Carla Christian. She wanted the homeless of Fort Worth to have a Christmas tree. 
Carla died several years ago…..but someone continues to decorate the tree. Whoever has taken over the responsibility of decorating this little tree on the hill does so for many holidays throughout the year, not just Christmas. As you can tell by the photo it was recently decorated for Easter.

Time for Poetry / The Daily Post/ Today

Apparently April is National Poetry Writing Month….I had no idea! I have not written poetry since high school. But I decided recently that I would stop being fearful of exposing my writing to possible criticism, rejection or even approval. So I accepted this challenge from The Daily Post to write a poem….But how do I start?

One of the suggestions was to pick up a book (any book), turn to page 72 and use the first word on the page as the title of the poem….so I did!


Today, freshly made, a new beginning.

Today, gratefully received.

Today, spend it wisely, or laze it away?

Today, focused or sporatic?

Today, a gift no matter how it was spent.

Today, fade to dark.

The Cat

Pat, pat, pat, he waits.

Pat, pat, pat, he waits.

The vet removed his claws It is no longer easy to wake his mom.

Pat, pat, pat, he waits.

If she does not wake soon, surely he will starve.

Pat, pat, pat, he waits. Pat, pat, pat, he waits. Pat…..


Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty

Fifty word story….no more, no less than fifty words.



Weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine

The writing challenge is time travel.
When and where would I want to be if given the opportunity? Honestly I have considered this question all week and have not come up with an answer. I have spent time thinking of different time periods in the past and I realize there are many times in human history that I would love to visit. But I fear the person I am is not a person that would be welcome in the past.

As a woman, a lesbian, and an outspoken raging liberal I wonder if there is any period of the past that I would survive. I realize I am a creature of my enviroment and maybe if I lived in a different time and place I would conform to their customs and expectations. But as for time travel I’m not sure it would be safe unless I did so as a being that observed without being observed.

I imagine witnessing some great injustice, a human rights abuse of the grandest type. The abuse would be an action considered typical and even expected during the era I visit. But for me it would be atrocious and unspeakable. It would rip into my moral fiber and leave a gaping hole. How could I not speak up and defend the abused? How could I sit quietly by?

I imagine myself being burnt at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials or wearing a pink triangle in a Nazi concentration camp. I see myself infront of a firing squad or hung from a tree. Even if I make a difference in the past I can’t imagine I would survive my own actions. 

I believe I arrived on this earth at the right time. I am interested in the past and intriqued with the future but this is the time for me. This is the time that allows me to live openly and honestly. The fight for equallity continues and there are still many dangers for those of us that live on the margins. But more people are willing to allow for differences and more people are willing to defend the rights of all people. 
Thanks for the invitation…but I will stay here….today!

Weekly Challenge: Writerly Reflections

When did I fall in love with books and writing?

As I reflected on that question my memories immediately drifted to the school library during my elementary years. I’m sure it was not a big room. But I felt as though I could get lost in those stacks. Lost among the many friends, and the many adventures, all surrounding me and protecting me from a world that seemed uncertain. I could spend, what seemed like hours, sitting on the little stool used by students to reach the top shelves, reading about people from the past, places I dreamed of seeing, animals I hoped to own and mysteries I knew I could solve.
During the summer, my best friend and I would ride our bikes to the city library and search through the books to find grand adventures. We spent many summer days living the adventures we read about. We imagined crossing great mountain ranges in the small woods near our home. We sat on a stoop near the center of our small town, watching for the men whose pictures hung in the post office. Our bicycles became Indy cars and our Johnny West Cowboys lived on real ranches.

My love for writing started during those same adventurous years. 4th grade seemed to be the year that I realized my own words could form stories. Our teacher introduced us to haiku. Suddenly my words found order and expression. I found a place to put emotions I did not yet understand. The other moment of awakening happened the same year. The teacher encouraged us to take popular fairy tails and change them to be our own. Wow! Not only did my emotions have a place to rest….my imagination could float around the page and create characters and places.

The most difficult part of realizing how much joy I could gain from writing, was finding the courage to actually write and risk criticism….this I am still working on!

Weekly Writing Challenge: Power of Names / It’s Tree

As a child I never liked my name. It seemed clunky. It didn’t roll off my tongue. When asked to introduce myself I often stumbled and felt awkward getting the letters to exit my lips in the right order. Most importantly, it just wasn’t me. 

Then my name changed. My name became the name my parents might have given me had they been hippies. It became earthy, strong and rooted. It became me!

As a fifth grader I was quite tall for my age. I towered at 5’6” while my friends were still hoping to reach five feet. The winter of that year, my best friend Chelley and I walked to our local high school every Saturday morning to play in the girl’s basketball league. Competitive sports were still new for girls since Title IX had become law only a few years early. Mr. Montgomery was the dad of one of our teammates and he also volunteered to be our coach. He is the person that christened me with the name that would come to define me and remain with me for the rest of my life. 

“A kid as tall as you deserves a nickname.” Mr. Montgomery said this every Saturday and he would occasionally try out a name to see if it fit me. Then one Saturday it happened….”Tree.” My name, my identity, the name that gave me something special.

I wasn’t a cheerleader type girl, I was a big girl. Athletic, strong, competitive. I liked to play ball with the boys. My brother and I wrestled, boxed and threw each other around the house. He was older, but I was bigger. I was not a Teresa….I was a Tree!

The name Tree has stayed with me my entire life. Few people have ever heard my “real” name. The only people that still call me Teresa are people that knew me as a small child – mostly older relatives. My mother calls me Tree, my co-workers call me Tree and I always introduce myself as Tree.

People try to make my name fancy. They spell it with one “E” or pronounce it “Tray.” But it isn’t fancy, it is just like me. Big and strong and firmly rooted….it is Tree.