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Weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine

The writing challenge is time travel.
When and where would I want to be if given the opportunity? Honestly I have considered this question all week and have not come up with an answer. I have spent time thinking of different time periods in the past and I realize there are many times in human history that I would love to visit. But I fear the person I am is not a person that would be welcome in the past.

As a woman, a lesbian, and an outspoken raging liberal I wonder if there is any period of the past that I would survive. I realize I am a creature of my enviroment and maybe if I lived in a different time and place I would conform to their customs and expectations. But as for time travel I’m not sure it would be safe unless I did so as a being that observed without being observed.

I imagine witnessing some great injustice, a human rights abuse of the grandest type. The abuse would be an action considered typical and even expected during the era I visit. But for me it would be atrocious and unspeakable. It would rip into my moral fiber and leave a gaping hole. How could I not speak up and defend the abused? How could I sit quietly by?

I imagine myself being burnt at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials or wearing a pink triangle in a Nazi concentration camp. I see myself infront of a firing squad or hung from a tree. Even if I make a difference in the past I can’t imagine I would survive my own actions. 

I believe I arrived on this earth at the right time. I am interested in the past and intriqued with the future but this is the time for me. This is the time that allows me to live openly and honestly. The fight for equallity continues and there are still many dangers for those of us that live on the margins. But more people are willing to allow for differences and more people are willing to defend the rights of all people. 
Thanks for the invitation…but I will stay here….today!