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365 Days of Photos – Day 265 (100 days to go!)

There is a hill at Benbrook Lake that we call “Smiley Hill.” Because some sadistic person spray painted a smiley face at the top of the hill and wrote “Nice Hill”

The thing is, this is the kind of hill that makes vomiting seem pleasant. Its the kind of hill you have to talk yourself all the way up and pray you don’t just fall over because your speed has dropped so drastically!

Needless to say I couldn’t let the success of making it up this hill today pass without celebrating with a photo. Obviously I didn’t take the photo…but I did set up the shot 🙂

Smiley Hill

Smiley Hill

The Frustration of Technology

Last night….Right after I posted a short story and right before I posted a photo for the 365 Days of Photos…my computer died! Yep, dead!

I spent too much time trying to revive it and finally gave up and decided I would post my picture today. It never dawned on me last night that I could use Tina’s lap top. Remember when households had one computer that everyone shared? (I actually remember when households had only one TV…but I digress!)

Anyway….I will catch up my photos tonight and be right back on track.

As for my computer….it has an appointment at the Apple store Monday afternoon. Hopefully I won’t lose too many documents and hopefully it will survive this little setback.

Happy Weekend Everyone! (I hope your computers are well)