The Frustration of Technology

Last night….Right after I posted a short story and right before I posted a photo for the 365 Days of Photos…my computer died! Yep, dead!

I spent too much time trying to revive it and finally gave up and decided I would post my picture today. It never dawned on me last night that I could use Tina’s lap top. Remember when households had one computer that everyone shared? (I actually remember when households had only one TV…but I digress!)

Anyway….I will catch up my photos tonight and be right back on track.

As for my computer….it has an appointment at the Apple store Monday afternoon. Hopefully I won’t lose too many documents and hopefully it will survive this little setback.

Happy Weekend Everyone! (I hope your computers are well)

7 thoughts on “The Frustration of Technology

    1. treerabold Post author

      Me too! We’ve been talking about me getting a new one….but that wasn’t going to be for a few more months. PLUS….we were going to give my old one to Tina’s aunt 😦 For aunt Rose’s sake…lets hope for the best!!


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