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Failure to Fly

“Duck!” Charlie called out to his sister.

Instead of heeding his advice, she continued forward and smacked into the stone wall.

Charlie heard a loud thump as his sister smashed into the wall.

“Sis, are you okay?” He nervously hovered over a clump of grass until he noticed movement beside the overgrown heather. He swooped toward her. “Why don’t you listen to me?”

Caroline ignored her brother’s scolding.

“The Queen said one more accident and she will snip your wings.”

Caroline turned in Charlie’s direction and snapped, “Then don’t tell her.”

Charlie stood silent for a minute then said, “I won’t tell.”

A tear rolled down Caroline’s face, “Please help me fly Charlie.” She lifted herself off the ground and looked into his eyes, “Please, what kind of fairy will I be without wings?”

Charlie draped his arm over Caroline’s shoulder and gently guided her toward home. “Come on Sis, we will try again tomorrow.”

Photo Prompt:

Photo provided by Graham Lawrence

Photo provided by Graham Lawrence

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Each week a photo prompt is shared. Writers are asked to write a short story about the photo using only 100 – 175 words. If you would like to read more submissions to  FFfAW visit the link