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Spring Blooms…

When I first moved to Texas I was told the way to tell the seasons apart…
Winter: The sky is blue, the grass is brown and there are no leafs on the trees.
Summer: The sky is blue, the grass is brown and there are leafs on the trees.

Apparently my friend forgot to mention the one season that is bright and colorful. Lush green dotted with pinks, yellows, purples, whites and so many more colors.DSC_0083

My absolute favorite season….Spring.DSC_0088

This afternoon Tina and I drove to West Texas. The highways lined with beautiful spring flowers. The median filled with pink, the fields of green stretched to the horizon.

Me, driving along the highway, surrounded by spring blooms…my happy place.

Fun Foto Challenge: Letter Y

This week Cee has asked us to share photos that begin with the letter Y, end with the letter Y or in the caption WHY needs be present.

I recently visited Las Vegas. While there we went to the Bellagio to see the Chihuly exhibit. We didn’t realize we would also get to see a temporary exhibit celebrating the Year of the Dog.





Year of the dog1

Year of the Dog

Year og the dog 2

Year of the Dog

If you would like to see how others interpreted Cee’s challenge, simply visit her page.

52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 6-Red

The 52 Weeks Photo Challenge continues at The Girl That Dreams Awake. This week we are asked to share something red.

I have chosen the following two photos.

The first is the Hardy Hibiscus that blooms in our backyard.img_4411

The second is the tractor Uncle Bill was working on the last time we visited Snyder Texas.img_4753

Two very different objects, two different shades of red, found in two different parts of Texas…both very red!



I am always impressed when I see a plant (even a weed) growing from concrete. It seems that one plant decided, against all odds, it would live and maybe even bring a spot of joy into someone’s day.


There are people in our world that are the same way. They choose to make people smile even if their life hasn’t always been a ray of sunshine. They decide not to allow the place they were planted to dictate how they grow.

Sometimes it is an individual that holds the door for the next person. Sometimes it is a teacher that inspires children to be more than anyone else has told them they could be. Maybe it is a person of wealth that shares their financial excess with those that have so little. Often times it is that person that views their challenges as a gift to be shared rather than a punishment to be feared.

I am grateful for people, much like this plant,  that choose to grow toward the light rather than hide in the darkness.