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Spring Blooms…

When I first moved to Texas I was told the way to tell the seasons apart…
Winter: The sky is blue, the grass is brown and there are no leafs on the trees.
Summer: The sky is blue, the grass is brown and there are leafs on the trees.

Apparently my friend forgot to mention the one season that is bright and colorful. Lush green dotted with pinks, yellows, purples, whites and so many more colors.DSC_0083

My absolute favorite season….Spring.DSC_0088

This afternoon Tina and I drove to West Texas. The highways lined with beautiful spring flowers. The median filled with pink, the fields of green stretched to the horizon.

Me, driving along the highway, surrounded by spring blooms…my happy place.

365 Days of photos – Day 44

I must apologize to all people being slammed with winter storms right now.

But it looks like Spring is right around the corner here in Texas. I noticed over the past few days the greenery of daffodils popping up. Today was the first bloom I spotted.

I realize winter isn’t quite finished with us…our temperatures will still have a few dips…I just hope they don’t dip low enough to injure these poor guys!!