I am always impressed when I see a plant (even a weed) growing from concrete. It seems that one plant decided, against all odds, it would live and maybe even bring a spot of joy into someone’s day.


There are people in our world that are the same way. They choose to make people smile even if their life hasn’t always been a ray of sunshine. They decide not to allow the place they were planted to dictate how they grow.

Sometimes it is an individual that holds the door for the next person. Sometimes it is a teacher that inspires children to be more than anyone else has told them they could be. Maybe it is a person of wealth that shares their financial excess with those that have so little. Often times it is that person that views their challenges as a gift to be shared rather than a punishment to be feared.

I am grateful for people, much like this plant,  that choose to grow toward the light rather than hide in the darkness.


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