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My Phlox Drama Continues

In March 2015 I blogged about my small phlox and how I covet my friend Corey’s large phlox.

Some things never change. Each spring my little patch of phlox brightens up, spreads about an 1/8 of an inch, blooms, then fades away.

While across town Corey’s phlox burst across his flower bed laying a blanket of flowers across the dirt.

The good news is…I may finally have an edge on Corey and his phlox.

Tonight I noticed my little patch of phlox was blooming!!

Its the night before Thanksgiving and my little patch of phlox is vibrant and blooming. I guess the important question is whether Corey’s phlox is also blooming…but then again, if I don’t ask then I can imagine his phlox laying dormant, unaware that there is a brave little patch of phlox across town that is outshining it tonight!!


My Brave Little Phlox

365 Days of Photos – Day 192

Apparently this did not post last night….I’m not sure why….but her it is. Yesterday’s photo, today!

I recently heard someone say….”Crepe Myrtles are a good enough reason to live in Texas.”

I thought that had a ring of truth. Having grown up in the North I was not familiar with crepe myrtles. They are such a beautiful tree and they add so much color to an area that can be quite brown during the summer.

Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtle

I don’t have a crepe myrtle in my yard….but I plan to plant one (or more) this Fall.

365 Days of Photos – Day 158

Last night I posted a picture of a mimosa tree. The photo I posted was taken during a bike ride. It was a small plant at the side of the road. Recently I’ve noticed this tree is in full bloom all over the Fort Worth area.

Mimosa Tree

Mimosa Tree

Today, while driving around for work, I decided to take pictures of a few mimosa trees so I could share them with you all tonight. They are such beautiful trees. Full of blooms and color.

Mimosa Tree

Mimosa Tree

I hope you all enjoy them!

365 Days of Photos – Day 144

Two days ago I posted a picture of one of the plants in my yard. It is not unusual of me to plant something and not know its name (and I sleep fine at night!) However, Midwestern Plant Girl  was stumped and I hate to think my photo could cause her to lose sleep.

The previous shot did not clearly show the bloom. So here is a better photo of the bloom….hopefully this photo will help Plant Girl identify this flower. If not…I hope its not too devastating!

The mystery flower

The mystery flower

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.21.11 PM

365 Days of Photos – Day 20

I was surprised to notice this tree yesterday while out walking. It appears to have white buds popping out all over. Its been cold (by our standards) for the past couple weeks here in Texas and this week it feels like spring. But spring is at least another month away and we will have several more cold snaps between now and then.

I’ve done a little Google search in an attempt to learn what this tree is…I’ve had no luck. I’m hoping Midwestern Plant Girl might be able to help me out with identification!

tree bud 2

tree buds

tree buds 3