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365 Days of Photos – Day 224

I apologize for my extended absence. I’ve been in Northern Ontario with very limited cellular or wifi access. I tried a few times to post but found the spinning wheel on my computer screen was a little to frustrating to watch.

Tonight we are at a hotel near Toronto….so I intend to get caught up a bit on my 365 photos. If I don’t get totally caught up tonight…I will finish up tomorrow!

Camp wildlife

Camp wildlife

365 Days of Photos – Day 56

Yes, I was out stalking ducks again today. I didn’t plan to hang out with the ducks….but they were so┬árambunctious I couldn’t help but stop and watch them.

However, it wasn’t the ducks that kept my attention today. Instead it was a group of gulls that flew around the pond. Occasionally a gull would land in the water and try to “blend in” with the ducks. At least that’s the way I interpreted their behavior!