Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top / The Little Tree



This tree can be found on top of a hill, overlooking Fort Worth Texas. 
The tree was originally decorated for Christmas by a local homeless woman named Carla Christian. She wanted the homeless of Fort Worth to have a Christmas tree. 
Carla died several years ago…..but someone continues to decorate the tree. Whoever has taken over the responsibility of decorating this little tree on the hill does so for many holidays throughout the year, not just Christmas. As you can tell by the photo it was recently decorated for Easter.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top / The Little Tree

  1. Colleen Colton

    When we lived in east Fort Worth, I used to see this little tree while driving in to work. Sometimes the tree seemed so laden with Christmas balls and tinsel, I was afraid it would fall over. I miss it, so thanks for the picture. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but I heard some firefighters who had befriended Ms. Christian continue to decorate the tree. Great story.


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