Introduction – Why I’ve Joined Blogging 101

I started playing around with my blog this past January. At the time I had been writing a daily Facebook post on gratitude and had a desire to start a blog but kept putting it off. 
When WordPress offer Blogging 101 in January I decided that was my opportunity to start and do so with guidance.
Well, I did start and I did follow the daily prompts from WordPress (for about 2 weeks). I was still hesitant. I was still afraid of failure, and not feeling as though I had a good enough “theme” to actually write a blog. 
I kept tinkering. I started making a little headway by following the weekly photo challenges and weekly writing challenges. 
When the opportunity resurfaced to complete Zero to Hero blogging 101 I decided it was time to jump in with both feet! 
So here I am, ready to learn from the experts and ready to become a blogger!

4 thoughts on “Introduction – Why I’ve Joined Blogging 101

  1. E.

    I love the premise of your blog — gratitude is something we all need, I think. I’m happy to hear you’ve jumped into Blogging 101 with both feet, and thanks for the follow! It’s going to be an interesting journey, I think. 🙂

    1. treerabold Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. I do believe life is better lived when it is viewed in a positive light!
      I too thank you for the follow.
      I enjoy your page…I’m looking forward to the 101 journey and meeting talented bloggers like you!


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