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365 Days of Photos – Day 54

Once, rarely twice, a year we get hit with an ice storm. It is that time here in North Texas. As a former Northern I know people up north see an inch of white stuff on the ground and laugh that we shut down the city. I must tell you, as a person that drove many years in crazy winter weather…I now laugh because I get the day off!

I only left the house to play with my dog in the back yard…and take pictures…I did not leave the yard 🙂

On “Day 28” I posted photos of our rosemary bushes. Today I thought I’d share our “iced rosemary!”

Iced rosemary

iced rosemary 2

Monthly Photo Challenge: The Changing Seasons

I just learned of this challenge from the blog My Life Lived Full. I’ve debated whether a “changing season” challenge is something I should undertake. Living in Texas several months go by when there seems to be little change in the landscape.

Before I moved to Texas I was told…”The difference between Winter and Summer in Texas is: in the Winter the trees are bare, the grass is brown and the skies are blue. In the Summer the trees have leaves, the grass is brown and the sky is blue!” This explanation has proven to be true. However, there are some differences in the flower beds…so that’s where I’ve decided to focus.

When I first moved to Texas, 16 years ago, an elderly neighbor told me to cut my rose bushes back in February. I have always followed her advice and no matter how far back I cut them they always come back in a grand and beautiful way! So here it is February, the rose bushes are cut back, and I have chosen to share photos of my flower beds for this season changing challenge.

back flower bed 1

Overview of the backyard flowerbed

Peeking his head out...is it Spring yet?

Peeking his head out…is it Spring yet?

Knock out roses

Knock out roses


It looks so bare in the winter

It looks so bare in the winter

Autumn Sage

Autumn Sage

Why bricks around the redbud? A lab named Sugar!

Why bricks around the redbud? A lab named Sugar!

Front flower bed

Front flower bed

Flower bed front

If you would like to see how others are interpreting this challenge you can find their photos here

“The rules were simple and I’m very glad that a lot of you decided to join the challenge. If you haven’t joined, but feel like joining, it’s not too late. The idea behind it is to get you to shoot often and continuously, to build up your portfolio, get some photographic experience and have fun. This way you’ll capture the changing seasons throughout the year.” Cardinal Guzman

365 Days of Photos – Day 26

We travelled to Ohio Sunday for my Great Aunt’s funeral. We were only there for 24 hours and experienced snow for 20 of those hours!

The snow was quite beautiful and we were quite cold. I didn’t have much time to take pictures and I didn’t have my good camera with me (had to use iPhone 5s) but I couldn’t resist snapping a few quick shots since I rarely get the opportunity to take snow pictures.

snow 1

snow 2

It truly was beautiful…but I can honestly say I am thrilled to be back in Texas where the temperatures were near 70 (F) when our plane touched down.