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Fort Worth, Texas

Here we are, one week of 2017 has already flown by, so before my thought for a monthly blog has to start in June instead of January I’d like to share my thoughts with you.

I moved to Fort Worth Texas 18 years ago. Although I never thought I would consider Texas anything other than the place I moved to, I’ve actually come to consider this my home.

A few weeks ago I decided I’d like to share this wonderful city with others. So my plan is to take photos of different parts of Fort Worth and share them here on my blog. I hope to post something once or twice a month. I also plan to step outside the box and share parts of the city most people typically wouldn’t share…those hidden gems of this city known as Cowtown.


Fort Worth, Texas

365 Days of Photos – Day 179

A picture of the same building I posted last night….from a different angle.

As I stood looking up at this building I thought about my dad. Any time we would drive downtown when I was a child, Dad would warn us about staring up at the sky scrapers….he would say, “don’t look up, people will think we are hicks!”  He always had such a gift of words!! 🙂