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The Places We Find History

Many others have walked this ground. They have loved their children, built their homes and laid their loved ones to rest…in this same place.

Its hard to imagine this land, that is covered with concrete, buildings and trash, was once a hillside homestead. I imagine fields of flowing grass, longhorns grazing in the distance and children swinging under the live oak tree.DSC_0457

These are my thoughts as I stand admiring a small cemetery I found located in the middle of a parking lot shared by two motels. Both motels serve a transient population. In the distance all I can hear is the traffic of interstate 30 as cars dart between Fort Worth and Dallas. Its amazing where we run into history.DSC_0452

I continue to imagine the view from this place 150 years ago. Standing on this hill it is easy to see the city of Fort Worth only a few miles away. Today, tall glass sky scrapers reflect the sun but when this family cemetery was established in 1861 the town was less than 10 years old.
Schools, businesses and churches were in their infancy.DSC_0460

My thoughts take me beyond this place. I wonder if there is anyway for the generations of our past to have grasped what the world would become 100+ years into the future. Is it possible for any of us to truly imagine what the world will be like after we are gone?
And of all things…how many of us will find our final resting place to be in the middle of a motel parking lot?IMG_9161

Cee’s B & W Challenge: Letters A & B

The letters A & B…this is what Cee wants pictures of this week.

The Bass Performance Hall is the home of the Fort Worth Symphony, Texas Ballet Theater, Fort Worth Opera and the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. dsc_0475

The angels on the side of the building are 48 feet tall. They are a unique feature of downtown Fort Worth. dsc_0483

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Micro Park – Fort Worth Texas

This micro-park is at the corner of Magnolia Ave and Henderson Street in the Near Southside of Fort Worth.

dsc_0500Over the past decade this neighborhood has converted into a popular place to live, play and eat. dsc_0535

As I researched the beginnings of this park I learned it is mobile. Its original location (where it currently sits) is an empty lot that happened to be dormant. When the owner of the lot is ready to build, the Micro-Park will be packed up and moved to another location that is in need of sprucing up. dsc_0504

The features are simplistic, colorful and functional.dsc_0510

Gravel dropped through the PVC pipes, milk crates to climb and stack and stove parts to clang.


I think this is a wonderful little park that requires imagination and promotes activity. I look forward to seeing where its next location will be.


Panther City…

Some insults can be turned around and become a rallying cry. This is what happened in 1875 when Robert E. Cowart wrote a letter to the local Dallas newspaper stating that Fort Worth had become such a sleepy town and so sparsely populated that a panther was spotted sleeping on Main Street.dsc_0316

The country was facing a financial crisis and Fort Worth was failing as a result. The railroad line, being laid across north Texas, was forced to stop 30 miles before reaching Fort Worth.

Rather than succumb to defeat and certain abandonment, the city proudly adopted the name Panther City. Business men and citizens rallied together to complete the railroad and by July 19th 1876 the first train reached Fort Worth, placing it firmly on the commerce route of the railroad tracks.

Since the late 1800’s Fort Worth has embraced many nicknames: Queen City of the Prairie, Cowtown, Funky Town, Where the West Begins and Panther City.

Today each police badge in Fort Worth has a panther, several businesses (Panther City Distillery, Panther City Firearms) and a place of entertainment (Panther Island) are named for the panther.

And, as you might suspect, there is a panther statue that lays quietly near Main Street, much like the panther of 1875.

Fort Worth, Texas

Here we are, one week of 2017 has already flown by, so before my thought for a monthly blog has to start in June instead of January I’d like to share my thoughts with you.

I moved to Fort Worth Texas 18 years ago. Although I never thought I would consider Texas anything other than the place I moved to, I’ve actually come to consider this my home.

A few weeks ago I decided I’d like to share this wonderful city with others. So my plan is to take photos of different parts of Fort Worth and share them here on my blog. I hope to post something once or twice a month. I also plan to step outside the box and share parts of the city most people typically wouldn’t share…those hidden gems of this city known as Cowtown.


Fort Worth, Texas