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“Well, let me put that on your heart.” This comment came after a brief conversation about writing. I was visiting the founder and former Executive Director of GSI (my place of employment) at a local Hospice center.
As soon as I entered the room she introduced me to a few ladies I did not know and immediately started telling them about my blog. She mentioned that I post photos on one blog and I write on the other….”but you haven’t been writing much lately…you should start writing again.”
I explained that I had been thinking the same thing. I told her I missed writing and felt I needed to start focusing on it again. And she said…”Well, let me put that on your heart.”
And she did. All the way home I thought about writing.
I also thought about Colleen’s strength and the journey she is currently following.
In our field she is a very well known and well thought of person. She spent her career helping some of the most vulnerable people in our society. She protected the elderly from exploitive families and she assured each client was cared for with dignity and respect.
She is blessed to be surrounded by many people that care for her and love her. It is obvious that her visitor list fills up daily. It is also obvious that she is now in a vulnerable position. Yet I can’t help but think because of the goodness she shared in this world prior to her illness, she is now blanketed with love and kindness.

From the beginning of both my blogs I have felt honored that Colleen was an active follower. Today I learned she looks at Conversations Around the Tree every night. I’m not sure how to explain it, but there is a sense of comfort knowing that someone I respect and admire is out there carefully looking over my work and finding joy in what I post.

Knowing you will read this Colleen made it difficult yet fulfilling to write. Thank you for all you have done for this community, you have made it a better place.
And thank you for your ongoing support….I hope you realize your encouragement means the world to me. I will start writing again…and I will do it in your honor!

A Failed Stay-Cation?

When we go away on vacation nothing gets done at our house, right?

So why do we expect a “stay-cation” to be any different?
My last day at work was December 24, 2014. I had big plans. I would clean out the garage, organize a closet or two, and maybe even build a path in the backyard!
Did I do any of it? NO!
What did I do on my 11 day stay-cation? I rested, Tina and I went to several movies, I napped, I took down the outdoor Christmas lights, I did a little binge watching of Raising Hope (don’t judge me, I love that twisted humor!), worked out a bit, hung out with friends, relaxed, ate, played cards, tested multiple desserts, went on photo taking journeys and took another nap (or 2).
What I did not do….clean out the garage, organize a closet and I did not do any yard work!
So where is the guilt? Why do I feel like I should’ve worked on my stay-cation? We go away on vacation and obviously we can’t do any of the chores at home…so why stress about them during a stay-cation?
I can’t lie…it was absolutely fantastic not having to abide by a schedule. My bedtime quickly switched to 2:00AM. No alarm was set to wake me and I squeezed in multiple naps…no guilt here, just a well rested individual that enjoyed 11 days of lazy!
So today I returned to work…jumped on the treadmill that always moves a bit faster than my feat….and started off my new year a week or two behind…so I guess its a good thing I love my job and its a good thing I took plenty of naps…here is to a new year!!

The Spider and The Runner

The stickiness gripped his face. He pawed at it frantically, attempting to release himself from its entrapment.
“Damn, how did I not see that web?”
He picked the last strands from his face and restarted his run.
The clip of his pace returned to normal.
He exited the woods and followed the path across the field.
He had forgotten all about the hiccup in his morning run when suddenly he felt a sharp sting on his neck.
“Ouch!” He reached to swat his attacker.
As the spider shot to the ground she sighed, “Another unwanted relocation.”
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy
Friday Fictioneers – The photo is the prompt, write an entire story using 100 words or less is the challenge.

The Deadly Storm – Friday Fictioneers

The young mother sat in the darkness grasping her baby. She trembled with fear, she prayed and cried.
The mobile home pitched with the winds.
She watched helplessly as her belongings crashed around her.
Hours of continuous rain turned the driveway into a rushing river.
Hail pummeled the aluminum siding.
The tin roof on the back porch ripped from its 2×4 studs. It slapped against the windows, and sprayed shards of glass throughout the room.
The terror of her screams were muted by the claps of lightening.
The following morning, her body lay amongst the garbage downstream. The baby nearby.
 100word challenge
Friday Fictioneers…The photo is the prompt, write an entire story using 100 words or less is the challenge!