A Failed Stay-Cation?

When we go away on vacation nothing gets done at our house, right?

So why do we expect a “stay-cation” to be any different?
My last day at work was December 24, 2014. I had big plans. I would clean out the garage, organize a closet or two, and maybe even build a path in the backyard!
Did I do any of it? NO!
What did I do on my 11 day stay-cation? I rested, Tina and I went to several movies, I napped, I took down the outdoor Christmas lights, I did a little binge watching of Raising Hope (don’t judge me, I love that twisted humor!), worked out a bit, hung out with friends, relaxed, ate, played cards, tested multiple desserts, went on photo taking journeys and took another nap (or 2).
What I did not do….clean out the garage, organize a closet and I did not do any yard work!
So where is the guilt? Why do I feel like I should’ve worked on my stay-cation? We go away on vacation and obviously we can’t do any of the chores at home…so why stress about them during a stay-cation?
I can’t lie…it was absolutely fantastic not having to abide by a schedule. My bedtime quickly switched to 2:00AM. No alarm was set to wake me and I squeezed in multiple naps…no guilt here, just a well rested individual that enjoyed 11 days of lazy!
So today I returned to work…jumped on the treadmill that always moves a bit faster than my feat….and started off my new year a week or two behind…so I guess its a good thing I love my job and its a good thing I took plenty of naps…here is to a new year!!

9 thoughts on “A Failed Stay-Cation?

    1. joannesisco

      I agree with you Helen. It’s been almost 4 years for me and I thought I would accomplish significantly more than I have.
      … but I have had many afternoon naps 🙂

  1. Sue

    I did the exact same thing on my stay-cation! Although we should probably replace watching tv with playing video games for me! Loved having this time off to do a whole lot of whatever the heck I wanted. Good for you!


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