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NaBloPoMo – The End

Day 30! I made it…I completed the NaBloPoMo challenge…post daily for 30 days.

I will admit I missed out on 4 days of posting. I decided not too be too hard on myself and celebrate the 26 days I did blog.

I’ve enjoyed sharing more of myself and I’ve enjoyed spending more time writing and thinking about writing.

Now the goal will be to maintain consistent writing.

Thank you to everyone that stuck with me through this month of posts…I appreciate the support.

So long November…and the NaBloPoMo challenge…until next year!


NaBloPoMo – Is Church Canceled?

It has rained in North Texas for the last 5 days….non-stop rain. This is not typical and it certainly didn’t make for an enjoyable holiday weekend.

I know rain is necessary…and we did recently find our way out of a very long drought because of all the rain we had last May. So I’m accepting of the wet stuff falling from the sky…but that doesn’t mean I like it!

This morning Sonya tried to convince us that church was canceled because of the rain. However, she did agree to go with us after we promised McDonald’s breakfast.

Once we arrived at church she found a plastic grocery bag in the car and decided she would use it as rain gear (yes I had an umbrella…she chose plastic!IMG_8771


The latest in rain gear

Sonya did enjoy seeing her friends at church and as always singing along with the music. But the big surprise came when the usher said Rev. Carol West wanted Sonya to join her for the post-communion prayer.

With much excitement Sonya went up front and joined Rev. West.

Sonya was honored and took her role very seriously.


The Bread


The Wine


The Prayer


Rev. Carol West and Sonya


And finally…the hug

Rain or no rain…it was a good day to be at church.

NaBloPoMo – History Re-imagined

Last Sunday our Pastor talked about the help given to the Pilgrims by the Native Americans. How they helped the new settlers grow an abundance of crops and survive the first winters in a new land.

In my brain I began imagining what this country would have been like if the new settlers, and those that followed, had treated the Native Americans with respect. What if the people that settled this country chose to learn the ways of those that had lived here for thousands of years.

The Europeans that settled here in the United States chose to dominate instead of cooperate.

I wonder how many animals (the buffalo for example) would still roam freely? I wonder if we might have more trees instead of buildings? And maybe, we would have more respect for Mother Earth and less desire to destroy anything that doesn’t bring profit.

I know these thoughts aren’t reality but I think its ok to dream. Maybe if we look back on history and realize where we screwed up…we could make things better as we move forward…maybe.

NaBloPoMo -Another Sign of Aging?

Saturday morning I drove to the local gym. I sat there in the parking lot for several minutes. I felt like I forgot something.

Water bottle, Check.

Earbuds, check.

Phone, AKA something to listen to while working out, check.

Maybe I need to check my clothing….

T-shirt, check.

Shorts, check.



Crap…flip flops.

I drove back home, got my shoes and returned for my workout.


NaBloPoMo – Homeless

Once a month myself and a group of friends go to the “homeless” area in Fort Worth. and pass out supplies.

Today was our day. We took hats, gloves, snacks, water and hygiene supplies.

This was the 5th month I have participated in this activity. Each month we have learned things that helps make the next month run smoother.

The thing we tried this month that made a huge difference was, we parked about a block away from where the largest group of people were hanging out. The reason we did this was so we would have time to get organized before  being swarmed.


Preparing supplies

Being “swarmed” in this situation can be dangerous. But you may be surprised to learn the reason we wanted to avoid the swarm was because we each wanted to have time to talk to the individuals we were serving.

Our plan paid off. We were able to visit with people and find out what needs we might be able to serve in the future. We also had the opportunity to learn a little about each person we served.

Today, we met a gentleman named Alexander. He is a Vet and he made a connection with our two little friends Abbey and Anna. The girl’s dad stood nearby while the girls showed Alexander how they tie their shoes and played with his hair. The unconditional, nonjudgmental love these two little girls were able to share with Alexander was priceless. IMG_8600


We met Cornbread and his dog Tex. I’m sure none of you would be surprised to know I carry dog food with me to make sure homeless dogs get fed too.


Its one thing to help our fellow humans but I believe it is more important that we connect with them. I believe we need to shake hands, pat backs, look people in the eyes and let them know we see them. Let them know we care and let them know they matter.

Today was a good day.

NaBloPoMo – Pets

Is it true our pets are like our children?

Our dogs certainly have their own personalities. Even though several of them have some of the same behaviors they all have their own little quirks.

This morning one of the dogs (Hershey the Schnauzer)  had a panic attack when the smoke detector beeped because it needed a new battery.

Our lab (Sugar) has been stressing out in her kennel. Even though she has spent time in the kennel every day since she came to live with us. This stressed out behavior started about a month ago when the church behind us started doing construction.

Today I got home from work and found her bloody from trying to bust out of her kennel.

I’ve decided to take her to work tomorrow to give us a few days to figure out how to help her make it through her days without hurting herself.

Freckles (Spitz mix) rarely lets me out of his site. Right now he is laying under my feet. The other dogs have gone to bed, but he waits for me.

They are like little furry people…that could benefit from a little therapy…and maybe medication!


NaBloPoMo – Food

Yesterday I mentioned picking up my morning smoothie. I honestly don’t want to know if they are healthy… we are going to say they are and for now claim it as the one dietary thing I am doing right!

I’ve actually made some positive changes over the past several years. I haven’t had a soda for many years, I rarely eat anything fried, I no longer eat meat and I gave up coffee last January.

You might notice I didn’t mention sweets or things with white flour. Here’s the thing. Last January Tina and I started a 6 week clense (that actually lasted 4 months). We did not eat meat or anything that came from an animal, we avoided sugars, processed foods, etc.
We attempted to eat a pound of raw vegetables and a pound of cooked vegetables every day. Along with eating fruit, beans and nuts. We felt great. Our cravings vanished, we had energy that didn’t depend on caffine and we lost weight.

When we decided to allow certain foods back into our diet…the slippery slope began.
The ocassional egg, a little cheese, oh why not a piece of chocolate?

I continue to go without meat and I’ve stayed away from coffee….but sugar, peanut butter and breads all seem to know my name and call me frequently, insisting I have just one bite or maybe a plate full.

We are both determined to resume our previous way of eating and begin focusing on our health again. Sadly I think it will need to wait until after the holidays. My goal from now until January is to avoid weaving too far off the path.

Not long ago I heard someone say….”Our new bad is better than our old bad.”
So true….I may eat a couple pieces of candy now…but I don’t eat the entire box.


I skipped writing my NaBloPoMo last night because my brain was simply void of ideas. But this morning external messages (not the voices kind!) started coming together and I felt bumbarded with thoughts.

As I drove to pick up my morning smoothie I listened to stories on NPR about the Syrian refugees that are still arriving on the island of Lesbos and their realistic fear that the recent bombings in Paris will turn Europe against all of them. Unfortunately one of the suspects that participated in Saturday’s bombings is suspected to have passed himself off as a Syrian refugee.

How can we as humanbeings rationalize punishing hundreds of thousands of people that are fleeing for their lives because one person slipped through the cracks?
Its like imprisoning all Christian white American males because Timothy McVeigh blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.
Or imprisoning all Japaneese-Americans because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor (Oops….we did that!)

I don’t know what the countries in Europe will do but I was not surprised to hear that 27 govenors in the United States made it known they will “not allow” Syrian refugees to settle in their states. This of course on the heels of President Obama saying he plans to move forward on admitting 10,000 Syrian regugees next year.
It is sad to learn there are govenors in our country that feel they have the power to dictate where someone legally admitted into our country can lay their heads at night.

After picking up my smoothie I pulled out of the parking lot and stopped at the first red light. As I sat there waiting for the light to turn I noticed a huge, flashing electronic sign that condemned Muslims and praised Christians.

I will never understand why people that claim to be “Christians” condemn others.
If they are truly following the teachings of Christ they would make every effort to help the widows and orphans.
They would love their neighbors (even if that neighbor was a muslim) and pray for their enemies.

Christ taught against judgement, yet Christians today seem to feel it is ok to judge Muslims because some Muslims have twisted their religion into a hateful interpretation.

I consider myself a Christian but i do not believe God put Christians in charge of who could worship Him or how people worship Him.

Gahndi once said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

I know we are living in dangerous times. And I am heartbroken for the many lives lost in Paris last Saturday AND in Beirut on November 12, 2015 (2 days before the Paris bombings) and the lives lost on October 31st in the bombing of the Russian plane. But I honestly hope the people in power step back and realize the people fleeing the war in Syria are not responsible for any of the listed deaths. They too are at risk of death.

It is true another terrorist could slip through the cracks but its also true that American citizens, French citizens, and British citizens, that have never left their home country, are being recruited by these horrible groups of terrorists.

So lets focus on how we can help those in need instead of punish them because they were born in a place that is imploding.

NaBloPoMo – Life

Yesterday I attended and presented at a mini – conference for individuals with Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), their families and professionals in the IDD field.

The morning session I attended was a panel of adults with IDD sharing their accomplishments and challenges. The line I heard that always makes me smile “We are more alike than different.”

This is so true. So many of us assume people with disabilities lack the same dreams, desires, and skills. Why is this? Why do we think someone with a disability wouldn’t want love, creature comforts and most importantly respect.

The people I know with disabilities fight battles every day that I will never have to face and so many of them do it with a grace few non-disabled people can manage.

I am honored to work with individuals that live life honestly and teach life lessons to anyone willing to pay attention.


Last night Tina and I attended the Black Tie Dinner in Dallas Texas.

Me and Tina

Me and Tina

The Black Tie Dinner is a fund raiser. It is a huge event that raises millions of dollars for local non-profits that serve the LGBTQ community as well as The Human Rights Campaign.

Black tie

Our church is one of the recipients of the money raised by the Black Tie Dinner.

Celebration Community Church

Celebration Community Church

Needless to say this year’s event was a celebration of the recent marriage equality decision that came down from the United States Supreme Court. Each attendee was served their own personal wedding cake – So appropriate!

Individualized Wedding Cake

Individualized Wedding Cake

We were reminded by several speakers that we may have won a big battle (marriage equality) but we have not won the war. The groups that continue to fight against the LGBTQ community are intent on denying equality to people that do not conform to their belief system. We will continue to fight…and one day we will have a full and equal chair at the table.

It was a dinner, a party, an auction, a celebration, a rallying cry and most certainly a lovely evening.