Last night Tina and I attended the Black Tie Dinner in Dallas Texas.

Me and Tina

Me and Tina

The Black Tie Dinner is a fund raiser. It is a huge event that raises millions of dollars for local non-profits that serve the LGBTQ community as well as The Human Rights Campaign.

Black tie

Our church is one of the recipients of the money raised by the Black Tie Dinner.

Celebration Community Church

Celebration Community Church

Needless to say this year’s event was a celebration of the recent marriage equality decision that came down from the United States Supreme Court. Each attendee was served their own personal wedding cake – So appropriate!

Individualized Wedding Cake

Individualized Wedding Cake

We were reminded by several speakers that we may have won a big battle (marriage equality) but we have not won the war. The groups that continue to fight against the LGBTQ community are intent on denying equality to people that do not conform to their belief system. We will continue to fight…and one day we will have a full and equal chair at the table.

It was a dinner, a party, an auction, a celebration, a rallying cry and most certainly a lovely evening.

3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    You two look so cute! What a great event and cause. I hope it doesn’t take too long for people’s views to change. How can people deny other people of love and commitment? How sad.
    I love the cake idea! Put my dinner in a take home box and let me at that cake! 😋


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