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NaBloPoMo – ABC’s

I remember my first grade classroom. The ABC’s hung at the front of the classroom, above the blackboard. That was the year we learned to put those letters together. We learned their order and how each letter sounded.

That was 46 years ago…you would think by now I wouldn’t have to run through the alphabet in my head every time I am looking up a word in the dictionary (yes sometimes I still use an old school dictionary) or someone’s name in my phone.

NaBloPoMo – Enter / Exit

There aren’t a lot of things in this world that frustrate me. Well, if I’m being honest I do get frustrated with people that don’t see the world like I see it. I am irritated when I witness parents treating their children badly and it really upsets me when I hear people discounting someone’s pain.

However, I don’t get frustrated in traffic and I don’t mind waiting in line.

But there is something that has come to my attention lately that really irritates me. Why can’t the people shopping at Walmart enter through the door labeled “enter” and exit out the door labeled “exit?”

It doesn’t matter what part of town I shop in or what part of the country…Walmart shoppers do not pay attention to the enter/exit signs.

Today I almost blocked a lady that was exiting through the enter door. Not only did she use the wrong door…she stopped in the middle of the doorway to find something in her purse. I wanted to stand in front of her cart and force her to back up. My passive aggressive side glanced up at the “Enter” sign several times. I assumed she would notice my eyes focused on the sign and realize the error of her ways. I was wrong.

Since this has become a bit of an obsession with me I started looking at the entrances of other grocery stores in an attempt to figure out why I don’t get frustrated when entering their establishments. It appears most stores don’t try to corral their customers into a designated door. Several stores I’ve observed simply allow people to decide for themselves which door to use.

So the solution appears quite simple. Instead of expecting customers to read the signs and follow directions Walmart simply needs to remove the signs. By removing the signs they remove the possibility of people using the wrong door…because there is no longer a right or wrong door. Removing the signs will also save me from trying to force my will on others. I will no longer feel the need to stop people and explain why it is to everyone’s advantage that they read the directions above each door and comply.

Think I should send my suggestion to Walmart?

NaBloPoMo – Planning

Tina and I sat down tonight and started a “family calendar.”

On a slow and boring month, we are constantly on the go. Imagine how challenging the holiday season is. At this moment we have actually managed to keep Thanksgiving weekend (4 day weekend) free from plans. I’m really hoping we are able to keep it that way.

Organization is something that doesn’t come naturally to either of us. So sitting down with a calendar is sort of a big deal for us. We both tend to be spontaneous and we both go a little overboard when it comes to activities.

People frequently tell us they are amazed at how busy we seem to stay. Due to that comment I’ve put a lot of thought into our constant movement. I have come to realize I am unwilling to miss out on opportunities. Whether it is a friend’s party, a trip out of town or a chance to eat at a new restaurant….I’m there.

My Dad died young (age 53). His death was sudden and unexpected. One of the things I remember him talking about during the last few years of his life was how much he was looking forward to retirement. He didn’t make it to retirement. I realized at that time that I couldn’t wait for life to happen later. I chose to live my disorganized and haphazard life with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. I haven’t worked very hard to save for a future…instead I’ve chosen to live in the moment. Its true I may regret that choice one day…then again….maybe I won’t!

NaBloPoMo – Shoe

Today the participants of the Susan G Komen 3 Day walk completed their 60 miles. Even though everyone walks 60 miles, there are two types of walkers.

One, is the walker that is doing it in memory of someone, or to help others, or simply to be part of the solution.

Two, is the survivor. This is the woman (or man) that has been diagnosed with breast cancer, fought breast cancer and kicked breast cancer’s butt.

Group one admires group two a great deal. So when group two walks into the closing ceremony, group one salutes group two by taking off one shoe and holding it up in the air. Its a salute, a sign of admiration and a moment that will bring tears to the eyes of the most callous person. shoe salute

It sounds like an odd tribute but it truly isn’t. Good shoes mean the world to a person that walks 60 miles in 3 days. The perfect shoe that each walker has found for their foot…is absolutely treasured. So to take that shoe off and hold it proudly in the air to salute another walker means the world. shoe salute

We all know that someday it could be us that hears the dreaded words, “you have cancer.” We also know the women that have gone before us and fought the good fight and won each battle cancer threw at them…will be the sign of courage, the sign of strength and the sign of success that we will look for on those darkest days.

So raise your shoe and salute the survivors that walk through this world knowing they have kicked cancer’s butt.shoe salute

NaBloPoMo – My Day as a Gorilla

I found my purpose at The 3 Day

Yes that’s me in the gorilla outfit…3 Day Gorilla

I hugged the walkers…hugging

I played with dogs…gorilla and dogs

I photo bombed my teammates…photo bomb

And I helped the police direct traffic (not really, but I did take a selfie with a cop!)cop selfie

So I didn’t walk today, but I did find a way to be part of the day, part of the cause and hopefully part of the solution!

NaBloPoMo – The 3 Day

For the past 3 years I have walked in the 3 day. This is an event that requires participants to walk 60 miles in 3 days. The purpose is to raise money for breast cancer awareness and eventually a cure.
During the last 3 years I have made some wonderful friends during the many miles of training.

Sadly, this year I decided to give my old knees a break and I chose not to walk. However, I did agree to stay connected with my team, help them raise money and cheer them on.

So tonight I am in Dallas TX hanging out with my walking friends. We are laughing, sharing memories and preparing for a big weekend.

The thing is…I am a bit sad. Even though I am comfortable in my choice not to walk this year (my knees love me for it) I miss the comradery of walking. I miss the hours of talking about nothing as we walk just one more mile. I miss the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of exhaustion and the feeling of knowing I am making a difference.

So here I am…wishing I was walking, glad I’m not and looking forward to a fun weekend!

NaBloPoMo – Aging

The first time I noticed the purple spot i didn’t think much of it. Then it lingered, and lingered. Finally I remembered where I had seen something very similar…on my grandma’s arm!
I am getting old lady thin skin!

Just to confirm my suspicions I went into “Cathy’s” office (names have been changed to avoid potential law suits). Cathy is old enough to be my mother – if she gave birth in her late 20’s.
I asked to see her arms. She was hesitant but compliant.
“Oh My God its true.” My screech could be heard throughout the office.
The purple spot on my arm looked just like the many purple spots on “Cathy’s” arms. She laughed and started to explain how they form. I ran from her office in hopes of taking solace in my boss’ office next door. (We’ll call her Charlotte) She too was laughing and made an effort to explain how these purple spots arise. I fell into a chair and listened to what my future held.

I am 52, in good health, exercise frequently and tend to lack maturity. I tend to forget I am aging at a rapid rate. Then my body takes the opportunity to slap me back into reality. The little purple spot? Just another slap.