NaBloPoMo – Enter / Exit

There aren’t a lot of things in this world that frustrate me. Well, if I’m being honest I do get frustrated with people that don’t see the world like I see it. I am irritated when I witness parents treating their children badly and it really upsets me when I hear people discounting someone’s pain.

However, I don’t get frustrated in traffic and I don’t mind waiting in line.

But there is something that has come to my attention lately that really irritates me. Why can’t the people shopping at Walmart enter through the door labeled “enter” and exit out the door labeled “exit?”

It doesn’t matter what part of town I shop in or what part of the country…Walmart shoppers do not pay attention to the enter/exit signs.

Today I almost blocked a lady that was exiting through the enter door. Not only did she use the wrong door…she stopped in the middle of the doorway to find something in her purse. I wanted to stand in front of her cart and force her to back up. My passive aggressive side glanced up at the “Enter” sign several times. I assumed she would notice my eyes focused on the sign and realize the error of her ways. I was wrong.

Since this has become a bit of an obsession with me I started looking at the entrances of other grocery stores in an attempt to figure out why I don’t get frustrated when entering their establishments. It appears most stores don’t try to corral their customers into a designated door. Several stores I’ve observed simply allow people to decide for themselves which door to use.

So the solution appears quite simple. Instead of expecting customers to read the signs and follow directions Walmart simply needs to remove the signs. By removing the signs they remove the possibility of people using the wrong door…because there is no longer a right or wrong door. Removing the signs will also save me from trying to force my will on others. I will no longer feel the need to stop people and explain why it is to everyone’s advantage that they read the directions above each door and comply.

Think I should send my suggestion to Walmart?

4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Enter / Exit

  1. Sue

    Haha! Would love to see the expression of the Walmart manager when you explain you need them to take down the signs to appease your OCD!


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