NaBloPoMo – Aging

The first time I noticed the purple spot i didn’t think much of it. Then it lingered, and lingered. Finally I remembered where I had seen something very similar…on my grandma’s arm!
I am getting old lady thin skin!

Just to confirm my suspicions I went into “Cathy’s” office (names have been changed to avoid potential law suits). Cathy is old enough to be my mother – if she gave birth in her late 20’s.
I asked to see her arms. She was hesitant but compliant.
“Oh My God its true.” My screech could be heard throughout the office.
The purple spot on my arm looked just like the many purple spots on “Cathy’s” arms. She laughed and started to explain how they form. I ran from her office in hopes of taking solace in my boss’ office next door. (We’ll call her Charlotte) She too was laughing and made an effort to explain how these purple spots arise. I fell into a chair and listened to what my future held.

I am 52, in good health, exercise frequently and tend to lack maturity. I tend to forget I am aging at a rapid rate. Then my body takes the opportunity to slap me back into reality. The little purple spot? Just another slap.

15 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Aging

  1. Sue

    I had to laugh reading this – it seemed like “Cathy” and “Charlotte” were zombies chasing you around trying to infect you. Perhaps my imagination needs to go to bed now…lol.

  2. joannesisco

    Age spots, turkey neck, crepe skin … all indignities to add to the wrinkles that are multiplying and deepening like the Grand Canyon.
    … and no one told me that my once fine soft hair would become coarse and wiry when it turned gray. Now I really know where the expression *bah-humbug* started. It had nothing to do with Strooge and everything to do with aging!

      1. treerabold Post author

        Because we can live in our own little fantasy world and just pretend we look the same as we did 30 years ago….until someone points out the obvious 😦

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