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Weight Loss…or not

Is it possible to lose weight at 53?
I am finding it a struggle.
This morning I went to my primary care physician to get my thyroid checked. We talked about all the things I already know…but sometimes fail to do. You know, don’t eat sugar (but cookies have sugar, chocolate has sugar and I love chocolate and cookies.) Sugar has been known to call my name in the middle of a TV show…causing me to pause the show and walk all the way to the kitchen to locate the little chatter box chocolate bar.

The majority of the time I eat healthy. I don’t eat meat. I don’t drink soda. I rarely eat fried foods. I do eat healthy breads. I do eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and plenty of beans. If I eat pasta or rice it is whole grain….so why is my belly still jumping around showing the world there is absolutely no muscle tone anywhere in that region?

I don’t know.

Did I mention I exercise? Oh yes….I do that frequently.

I’m guessing my thyroid results will come back fine. But I decided it was important to make sure I wasn’t beating my head against a brick wall. So assuming it comes back normal I need to rethink what is going in my body and where I might be lying to myself about my actual food intake.

As I ramble on, writing about what to eat and how to lose, I realize my moment of gratitude is that I have such a silly, 1st world problem.

There are people throughout this world that don’t have the opportunity to eat the diet of their choice.

I know I am fortunate and certainly blessed to have the opportunity to look at my diet and choose to make changes in whatever way I think is necessary.

And I’m certainly grateful to have the opportunity to whine about the struggle of weight loss at 53!

NaBloPoMo – Food

Yesterday I mentioned picking up my morning smoothie. I honestly don’t want to know if they are healthy… we are going to say they are and for now claim it as the one dietary thing I am doing right!

I’ve actually made some positive changes over the past several years. I haven’t had a soda for many years, I rarely eat anything fried, I no longer eat meat and I gave up coffee last January.

You might notice I didn’t mention sweets or things with white flour. Here’s the thing. Last January Tina and I started a 6 week clense (that actually lasted 4 months). We did not eat meat or anything that came from an animal, we avoided sugars, processed foods, etc.
We attempted to eat a pound of raw vegetables and a pound of cooked vegetables every day. Along with eating fruit, beans and nuts. We felt great. Our cravings vanished, we had energy that didn’t depend on caffine and we lost weight.

When we decided to allow certain foods back into our diet…the slippery slope began.
The ocassional egg, a little cheese, oh why not a piece of chocolate?

I continue to go without meat and I’ve stayed away from coffee….but sugar, peanut butter and breads all seem to know my name and call me frequently, insisting I have just one bite or maybe a plate full.

We are both determined to resume our previous way of eating and begin focusing on our health again. Sadly I think it will need to wait until after the holidays. My goal from now until January is to avoid weaving too far off the path.

Not long ago I heard someone say….”Our new bad is better than our old bad.”
So true….I may eat a couple pieces of candy now…but I don’t eat the entire box.