Weight Loss…or not

Is it possible to lose weight at 53?
I am finding it a struggle.
This morning I went to my primary care physician to get my thyroid checked. We talked about all the things I already know…but sometimes fail to do. You know, don’t eat sugar (but cookies have sugar, chocolate has sugar and I love chocolate and cookies.) Sugar has been known to call my name in the middle of a TV show…causing me to pause the show and walk all the way to the kitchen to locate the little chatter box chocolate bar.

The majority of the time I eat healthy. I don’t eat meat. I don’t drink soda. I rarely eat fried foods. I do eat healthy breads. I do eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and plenty of beans. If I eat pasta or rice it is whole grain….so why is my belly still jumping around showing the world there is absolutely no muscle tone anywhere in that region?

I don’t know.

Did I mention I exercise? Oh yes….I do that frequently.

I’m guessing my thyroid results will come back fine. But I decided it was important to make sure I wasn’t beating my head against a brick wall. So assuming it comes back normal I need to rethink what is going in my body and where I might be lying to myself about my actual food intake.

As I ramble on, writing about what to eat and how to lose, I realize my moment of gratitude is that I have such a silly, 1st world problem.

There are people throughout this world that don’t have the opportunity to eat the diet of their choice.

I know I am fortunate and certainly blessed to have the opportunity to look at my diet and choose to make changes in whatever way I think is necessary.

And I’m certainly grateful to have the opportunity to whine about the struggle of weight loss at 53!

3 thoughts on “Weight Loss…or not

  1. Sue

    I’m in the same boat! I finally started tracking my food on my fitbit app. I have the fitbit HR which also measures heart rate, so I get a bit more accurate calorie burn count. So far, I have lost 10-ish pounds, but I’m still overweight by many more than that! However, I enjoy cookies and cake now and then, and I think that is worth something in my quality of life assessment. I don’t know – I think if you can still move the way you want and you are in good health, then weight is just a number on the scale.


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