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NaBloPoMo – Is Church Canceled?

It has rained in North Texas for the last 5 days….non-stop rain. This is not typical and it certainly didn’t make for an enjoyable holiday weekend.

I know rain is necessary…and we did recently find our way out of a very long drought because of all the rain we had last May. So I’m accepting of the wet stuff falling from the sky…but that doesn’t mean I like it!

This morning Sonya tried to convince us that church was canceled because of the rain. However, she did agree to go with us after we promised McDonald’s breakfast.

Once we arrived at church she found a plastic grocery bag in the car and decided she would use it as rain gear (yes I had an umbrella…she chose plastic!IMG_8771


The latest in rain gear

Sonya did enjoy seeing her friends at church and as always singing along with the music. But the big surprise came when the usher said Rev. Carol West wanted Sonya to join her for the post-communion prayer.

With much excitement Sonya went up front and joined Rev. West.

Sonya was honored and took her role very seriously.


The Bread


The Wine


The Prayer


Rev. Carol West and Sonya


And finally…the hug

Rain or no rain…it was a good day to be at church.

365 Days of Photos – Day 138

We usually get enough rain in Texas to enjoy Spring flowers and some green grass. However, the heat and dry weather shows up very early (usually by mid-May) and the grass quickly turns brown.

The first time I visited Texas was over Memorial Day weekend 1998. The temperatures were already in the low 100’s.

This year has been very unusual. It has been raining so much that our lakes have gone from unusable to full. Our rivers are overflowing and our grass is still green!

I took this picture earlier this evening. It is not unusual in Texas to see waterfalls with no water. But right now the waterfalls are bursting with water.

Its nice that the Texas drought is subsiding….but I must admit, I am tired of the rain! I’m ready for big blue skies and lots of heat!!

Benbrook, Texas

Benbrook, Texas