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365 Days of Photos – Day 138

We usually get enough rain in Texas to enjoy Spring flowers and some green grass. However, the heat and dry weather shows up very early (usually by mid-May) and the grass quickly turns brown.

The first time I visited Texas was over Memorial Day weekend 1998. The temperatures were already in the low 100’s.

This year has been very unusual. It has been raining so much that our lakes have gone from unusable to full. Our rivers are overflowing and our grass is still green!

I took this picture earlier this evening. It is not unusual in Texas to see waterfalls with no water. But right now the waterfalls are bursting with water.

Its nice that the Texas drought is subsiding….but I must admit, I am tired of the rain! I’m ready for big blue skies and lots of heat!!

Benbrook, Texas

Benbrook, Texas

365 Days of Photos – Day 70

I took my first bike ride of the “Spring” today. It was a 15 mile round trip. My body certainly needs to reacquaint itself with the bike 🙂

I rode out to this wonderful little waterfall that me and one of my walking/biking buddies found last year. It is such a peaceful and beautiful place. This visit was especially nice because we’ve had so much rain lately there was actually water falling over the rocks!

bike trail water fall

This 2nd picture is of a railroad trestle that crosses the river and bike trail.

railroad trestle