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Q = Quirky

According to Dictionary.com

Quirk = A peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism.

Quirky = Having or full of quirks!

I think this describes me pretty well. If you don’t figure this out by meeting me or possibly reading my blog…you could figure it out by visiting my backyard. When Tina and I shared our first Christmas we realized how well our oddness matched. We both had the same Christmas flamingo!

Today I’d like to share some of my quirky yard art.

flying squirrel

chair and window

garden frog

The A – Z Challenge will run through April. Each day is a different letter and a different photo…I hope you all enjoy!

365 Days of Photos – Day 72

We went to see Cinderella tonight. You may have guessed it from the photo I posted earlier this week of Sonya….she is quite dramatic. She loves the spot light and likes to imitate her favorite characters. After watching The Hunger Games Sonya can no longer get on a diving board without holding up 3 fingers and calling for a revolution!

On the way home from the theater tonight she was nominating different dogs for different positions around the carriage. This of course may be in direct conflict with the fact that Sugar has already been dubbed “Sandy” (From Annie). I wonder if Hollywood would have a problem combining a few movies?

Sonya - Cinderella

365 Days of Photos – Day 71

The other day I was looking through my photos and noticed a couple fun photos that were taken last October when we were visiting the Dallas Arboretum.

The first picture is a picture I took of my friend Corey taking a picture of the 3 ladies that live with Tina and me. Notice the screen on his iPhone.

Corey and the girls

The second picture Tina took of me “holding” Corey in one hand!

Mini Corey

Sometimes you just have to be silly….well for me its most of the time!

365 Days of Photos – Day 50

Our Lab-mix Sugar tore apart her kennel about a month ago. When I arrived home that day, she calmly met me at the door…as though this was the normal routine. At first I thought someone had not latched her kennel correctly…then I looked at the kennel.

I still don’t fully understand how she managed to bend the front portion of the kennel enough to squeeze herself to freedom. I especially don’t know how she did it without hurting herself.

Sugar will be 2 years old soon. She is extremely well potty trained and for the most part doesn’t chew anything but tissue paper and the occasional advertisement. So we decided we would allow her to be free in the house during the day while we are at work. Its going well…our furniture is still in one piece and no holes have appeared in the dry wall.

Now, for the photo explanation….Every morning, after all dogs have completed their business in the backyard, I tell them to go bedtime. Everyone has their place to go….well, everyone but Sugar. She still goes to the place her kennel was a month ago. She stands there for a few minutes…until she realizes it is no longer her “bedtime” space…then she casually  walks away as though she was just messing with me!

Sugar in her "bedtime" space

Sugar in her “bedtime” space

A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Play

I feel it is time I share my true oddness with the blogging world. When I learned this week’s Word a Week Challenge was “play” I immediately thought of Stan!

Stan is a playful little monkey that enjoys traveling, walking and playing. He completed the 3 Day walk (60 miles) with me. He has traveled to Canada, West Texas and recently he joined me on a trip to Ohio and experienced snow for the first time.

Stan enjoys the view from his first class seat

Stan enjoys the view from his first class seat

Stan makes his first snow angel

Stan makes his first snow angel

Stan falls in a snow drift

Stan falls in a snow drift

A Failed Stay-Cation?

When we go away on vacation nothing gets done at our house, right?

So why do we expect a “stay-cation” to be any different?
My last day at work was December 24, 2014. I had big plans. I would clean out the garage, organize a closet or two, and maybe even build a path in the backyard!
Did I do any of it? NO!
What did I do on my 11 day stay-cation? I rested, Tina and I went to several movies, I napped, I took down the outdoor Christmas lights, I did a little binge watching of Raising Hope (don’t judge me, I love that twisted humor!), worked out a bit, hung out with friends, relaxed, ate, played cards, tested multiple desserts, went on photo taking journeys and took another nap (or 2).
What I did not do….clean out the garage, organize a closet and I did not do any yard work!
So where is the guilt? Why do I feel like I should’ve worked on my stay-cation? We go away on vacation and obviously we can’t do any of the chores at home…so why stress about them during a stay-cation?
I can’t lie…it was absolutely fantastic not having to abide by a schedule. My bedtime quickly switched to 2:00AM. No alarm was set to wake me and I squeezed in multiple naps…no guilt here, just a well rested individual that enjoyed 11 days of lazy!
So today I returned to work…jumped on the treadmill that always moves a bit faster than my feat….and started off my new year a week or two behind…so I guess its a good thing I love my job and its a good thing I took plenty of naps…here is to a new year!!

Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 20

For quite a few months we have dealt with daily construction at work. Rarely is there humor in  jackhammers slamming into concrete, driveways to the parking lot being blocked, backed up traffic or water interruptions. But today….we got humor!!

I sat in my car, finishing up a work call before walking into the office. I glanced down the street and saw this construction cone atop the light pole! How did this happen? I have no clue! But its funny!



Odd Ball Challenge: We’ve all taken them and like them, because we just can’t hit delete and get rid of them. If you have any of those type of photos, this challenge is for you. If you would like to read more about Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, click here