Q = Quirky

According to Dictionary.com

Quirk = A peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism.

Quirky = Having or full of quirks!

I think this describes me pretty well. If you don’t figure this out by meeting me or possibly reading my blog…you could figure it out by visiting my backyard. When Tina and I shared our first Christmas we realized how well our oddness matched. We both had the same Christmas flamingo!

Today I’d like to share some of my quirky yard art.

flying squirrel

chair and window

garden frog

The A – Z Challenge will run through April. Each day is a different letter and a different photo…I hope you all enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Q = Quirky

  1. roweeee

    What a great choice for Q, Tree. Quirky describes me to a Q as well. I don’t have any quirky yard art liike you but I have what could be described as an overdose of tea cups and saucers around the house. I have just started a new category of international tea cups and these are more “unique”. Love how you both had the matching flamingos. A match made in …China? xx Rowena


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