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A Field of Bodies

Fog field of bodies

Photo provided by Jodi McKinney

The morning fog rolled across the field. 

Susan’s entire body shook. What had she done? 

She attempted to walk away from the body, but her legs wouldn’t carry her.

She stumbled and fell to the ground. She crawled several feet before returning to an upright position. 

She screamed as she continued to move away from the body.

She stumbled again and when she opened her eyes she was staring into the hollow eyes of a young woman. She lifted her body off the dead woman. 

Suddenly the fog cleared. Susan screamed uncontrollably when her eyes scanned a field of dead bodies.

“Mom” The teenager shook his mom awake. “Mom, its okay, you had that dream again.”

Susan sat straight up, sweat pouring from her face, the 6 months spent serving active duty continued to haunt her. 

Susan thanked her son for waking her and squeezed him as though she would never let go. 

word count 154


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly challenge that runs from Monday to Monday. The story of 100 – 150 (+/- 25) words is based on the photo prompt provided.


“Help, I’m Stuck in a Donut”

“I’m stuck in a donut…HELP!” Charlie ran circles in the backyard, randomly kicking his back feet in the air hoping to free himself from the massive donut that threatened to strangle him. 

“You ridiculous dog!” The poodle that shared people with Charlie could hardly stand Charlie’s silliness. “The people are trying to protect you from yourself.”

Charlie yelped, “Then why would they strangle me with a donut?”

Charlie fought back tears and dramatically shared his story, “I went for a ride with Dad, we stopped at that place with all the good smells and the next thing I knew I woke up with this thing around my neck.” He whispered, “I’m sore…you know…down there.”

The Poodle howled, “They had you neutered!”

Charlie stood like a statue, “There is nothing funny about that!” 

The poodle walked away from Charlie and howled with more laughter, “And it will be weeks until you can check out the damage!”


dog in donut

word count 158

This post inspired by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and the photo prompt provided by Yinglan.


FFftPP – The Baby

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner is a weekly writing challenge designed for both the flash fiction newbie and the more experienced writer. It is the desire of this challenge to allow writers the opportunity to clear the cobwebs from a more tedious and involved project. Becoming a part of a new and growing writer’s community might be just what the doctor ordered to rejuvenate your writing juices. – Roger Shipp


Photo Prompt

Enough is enough

“It’s just a stone’s throw from Harvey’s Garage.” Stella said, as she twisted in her chair, “Why don’t you just get up early Saturday morning and go see him?”

“I’ve told you a thousand times, I ain’t gonna darken his door,” Tammy said, as she stepped from the porch onto the path.

“You know he meant no harm,” Stella said, as she watched Tammy walk away.

Tammy’s hand flew high above her head. She hoped the flick of her wrist would reinforce to Stella that she wanted nothing to do with the man that stole her baby.

Gene called through the screen door, “Was that Tammy I saw storming down the path?”

“Yes Daddy,” Stella called back.

“Is she still mad about the baby?”

“Yes Daddy,”

“Do ya think she’ll ever get over Mr. Carver buying that baby pig from her parents?”

Stella shook her head as she watched her friend fade into the woods, “I don’t know Daddy.”

(162 words)