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365 Days of Photos – Day 347

Each year we have a Christmas party for the girls before they head home to visit with their families over the holiday. One of the girls will be leaving early this year for her family visit…so we celebrated Christmas a bit early.

Last year we started a “Christmas cookie baking” tradition with our friends Corey and Billy.


Robyn and Sonya supervise Corey


Billy, trying to decide which tool to use for smashing peppermint

Today we combined the events….cookie baking and decorating


Sonya, cookie decorator 


Robyn, cookie decorator

as well as, Christmas party.


Robyn, Sonya and Billie enjoying gifts from their friend Ron



Sonya, Robyn, Corey and Billie


It was a full day of celebration!

365 Days of Photos – Day 331

Recently I was telling Joanne from My Life Lived Full about our new moose nativity and moose decorations for Christmas….IMG_8944

Since I couldn’t explain how absolutely precious a baby-moose-Jesus is I decided to post a few pictures.IMG_8943

The wise – moose have their gifts and the shepherd-moose has his little sheep (isn’t he cute?) I’m just not sure why there isn’t an angel-moose.


Doesn’t that look like a proud daddy-moose?

365 Days of Photos -Day 326

Yesterday was the crazy “holiday” in the United States called Black Friday. It is a day that I believe is totally out of control. I have never participated in the craziness of shopping at 5:00AM, knocking people over just to get a few bucks off the newest and biggest toy.

However, we did stop by the Decorators Warehouse yesterday on our way to dinner. We were in search of Moose ornaments. We didn’t find what we were looking for…but we did get the opportunity to take a fun selfie.


Me, Tina, Sonya and Mr. Bear