NaBloPoMo – Gratitude

Last night I wrote about finding the good in all things.

Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States. So it seems appropriate I would write a little on gratitude.

Recently I had a lot of car problems. My 2013 Jeep Wrangler lost its brakes and needed a new battery. Within a week of having those repairs taken care of I was rear-ended. My Jeep was in the shop for 32 days. After being released from the body shop, I learned the gas tank no longer held gas (I am not kidding!!) Once that repair was completed I learned my battery cables we ruined…back to the body shop for another repair. And if all that were not enough…as I drove for the battery repair, my windshield wiper flipped off the arm and is no longer functional.

What does this have to do with Thanksgiving? Nothing really…but it is a good example of remaining grateful.

There were times throughout that month and a half that I wanted to throw my hands up and “give up.” It was one frustration after another.

The thing is, each time Tina and I talked about the problems that were happening to the Jeep…we realized none of it was that big of a deal.

We had the money available to pay for the repairs. The young man that rear ended me had insurance. And if he didn’t have insurance, we did.

I had a rental car the entire time my Jeep was in the shop, I never missed a day of work and my car was finally repaired. Oh, and did I mention I was not physically hurt?

Sometimes things can seem overwhelming and out of control…but I believe if you look at the reality of any situation and sort out whether the things happening truly effect our wellbeing I think it is easy to see how insignificant some things truly are.

I have several friends battling cancer right now. One of my friends had 5 bi-passes completed on his heart last week. Two of my co-workers lost their husbands during this past year.

Are my Jeep repairs inconvenient? Yes.

Are they a big deal? No.


4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Gratitude

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Perspective. It is a great word. You have it in droves!
    The car is like a little chihuahua nipping your heals… Cancer? A large chupacabra that won’t let go. 👹

  2. writeknit

    I absolutely agree. By not sweating the small stuff, then realizing a lot of the things that bug us and inconvenience us IS the small stuff I realize life is really good most of the time 🙂 For that I am thankful also 🙂


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